Surround Sound System Review | Worth The Extra Cost?


In recent years, home audio has been improved a lot. We will now tell you guys if a surround sound system is worth it or not.


Let’s start off with the pros of a surround sound system. The audio experience is definitely the number 1 reason to pick up a surround sound system. When watching movies or a sports game, this can make you feel as if you are part of it.

Longevity of your audio system will also not be a problem when picking up a surround sound system. These systems are very well built and the audio technology in them will be standard for some years to come.

Surround sound is a widely spread subject. By this, we mean that the audio range can be from 5.1 audio, all the way to 9.2. The first number refers to the number of speakers, basically how many places the audio comes from. The second number is how many subwoofers the system has.

Most surround sound system can be upgraded from a 5.1 system to a 9.2 system by just buying more parts. This means if you are getting used to your basic surround sound system, and you want an even better experience. You can simply go ahead and buy more speakers.

Pros & Cons


Price is a major downside of everything complex. This means that the more speakers you have, which also means a better experience, the more the surround sound system will cost. A good surround system can easily set you back 1000$-2000$.

Coming to the previously mentioned complexity. Not only do more speakers equal to a higher cost, but they also add more complexity. This means more things to set up and more cables you will need to route.

While the next point is something most people don’t look at when buying tech products, it is still very important to consider. We are talking about the amount of electricity such an audio system needs. If you are planning to use your surround sound system a lot, this can push up your monthly electricity bill a small bit. Just something you should keep in the back of your mind.

If you don’t want your audio system to take up a lot of space then I would not recommend you to pick up this kind of audio system. These take up a lot of space.

In Which Cases Is A Surround Sound System Useful?

After having covered the pros and cons of a surround sound system, you might wonder in which cases it is useful. Well, that is what we are going to cover now.

If you are a person who only turns on the TV just to pass some time and don’t really care about the quality, then definitely don’t pick one up. It would just be a waste of money.

For the people who watch a lot of TV, then such an audio system could be viable. This would depend on multiple factors. These can range from what audio system you use now to what you are willing to spend.

Coming to the sports, movie and series lovers. You watch a lot of TV so it is very important for you to be part of the thing you are watching. For those people, we recommend a basic surround sound system. Preferably a high quality 5.1 system than a low quality 7.1 system.

Last but not least are the people who are building their own home cinema. To complete your 4K projector and Dolby-Atmos movies you definitely need a high quality 7.1 or 9.2 system. If you have the money to spend definitely go for the 9.2 system, as there is nothing better on the market right now.

9.2 Surround Sounds


After reading the previous parts of this review, you have probably decided either to buy or not buy a surround sound system. Well, if you have decided against here are some alternatives for you.

Built-In TV Speakers

Starting off are the built-in speakers of your TV. Like previously mentioned this is for the people who don’t really care about the audio quality. Though this doesn’t mean that you will be stuck with a horribly sounding speaker. A lot of newer TVs have excellent sounding speakers included.

External Speaker/s

If you are not satisfied with your TV’s built-in speakers then an external speaker is the next step up. Most speakers are either stereo, or 2.1/2.1 depending if they have a subwoofer or not. Think of these as desktop speakers but for your TV. These are available in a lot of different price ranges so there will definitely be something for you.


Last but not least is the up and coming soundbar. These have been becoming increasingly popular and rightfully so. A high-end soundbar can compete with basic 5.1 surround sound systems for a much lower price. If you are on a tighter budget, want something compactor or just don’t want a full-blown surround sound system then a soundbar is perfect.


So, this wraps up our surround sound system review. We hope you now know whether you should pick one up or not. And if not, you have an alternative solution.

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