PS4 Slim Review | Still Worth It In 2019?


The PS4 Slim is the revamped version of the original PS4. Then it was the best of the best, but is it still worth it in 2019? Can it handle the newest 4K games, and how long will it keep up performance wise? That is what we will cover today.


Starting off this review is how the console itself is designed. We quite like the sleek design of the PS4 Slim as we didn’t really like the bulky design of the original. The console was originally only available in black and white, but a few limited edition colors schemes have appeared after the initial release. We like the addition of special color schemes with the favorite one being the Days Of Play one.

There is a small PlayStation logo engraved into the center of the console. This is really nice since it makes the console look very premium as you can’t clearly see the logo from all angles. The rest of the console has a matte finish. The light strip, which was on the original PS4, got replaced by a very simple line of light on the power button.


The entire console is tilted back slightly giving it a very sleek and futuristic look. The PS4 Slim is also very thin meaning it will probably fit in any setup. This is great for people who want to showcase their hardware, which is totally possible with this good looking design.

A nice addition, which most people won’t even notice, is that the feet are shaped like the cross, circle, triangle and square buttons on the controller. Apart from that, the front of the console has 2 USB 3.0 ports to connect anything you want. All of the other ports are on the back of the console which makes cable management very easy.


Performance wise the PS4 Slim was excelling in almost all aspects when it came out. Of course, this isn’t the case anymore with 4K taking over, which the PS4 Slim can’t handle. Gaming at 60 FPS is another thing that you won’t be able to do on this console, but the much more expensive PS4 Pro doesn’t run at 60 FPS consistently either.

So, this means that all games are run at 1080p 30 FPS. This is fine for casual games but can get annoying when playing FPS games. This is because, at 60 FPS, games run much smoother making fast-paced games easier to play. Imagine you see 100 things in one minute, that would be 60 FPS. Then all of a sudden you only see 50 things a minute, that would be 30 FPS. When looking at that you might be able to understand how inconvenient 30 FPS is in FPS games.

The PS4 Slim only comes with the option of an HDD, which we understand but don’t like. We wouldn’t mind spending more money to get a console with an SSD pre-installed. An SSD is just so much faster than an HDD and doesn’t cost too much more. It’s just a shame that Sony hasn’t given us the option to choose. Apart from that, the PS4 Slim has good performance, as you would expect.

Game Support

So, what games does the PS4 Slim support? Well, any game you would expect. Like the Xbox, the PS4 supports almost any game, except for Xbox or PC exclusives. To make up for that, the PS4 has some exclusives itself.

These are our favorite PS4 exclusives:

Horizon Zero Dawn


Horizon Zero Dawn is the first in its series. Despite that, the publisher has done an excellent job creating a very good open world adventure game. Some might classify it is also a role-playing game, which is understandable. The goal of the game is to uncover all of the secrets after the world has suffered from an apocalyptic event.

Uncharted 4


Once again, the newest game in the Uncharted series is an absolute favorite. This is also likely the last installment which is kind of sad. In this action/adventure game you need to complete multiple missions to reach the end goal. The amazing graphics combined with very good combat scenes make this a must have for any gamer who likes single player games.

Marvel’s Spider-man


This game is more of a fun open world game, and less of a mission focused game. There are missions, but you can also just swing around the city for hours on end. This is by far the best superhero game as you don’t need to pay to unlock anything. By playing the gamer you can unlock upgrades, which we really like. Apart from that. the graphics are amazing.

God Of War


God Of War has made its way to the PS4. But everything has changed. The protagonist has completely changed, in a good way. God Of War is an open world combat game where you move around and try to fight your way to the end goal. You can upgrade your character as you win more fights. The combat mechanics are very good which makes the game fun and challenging to play.


We quite like the DualShock 4 compared to the DualShock 3. It’s a bit bigger making holding it much more comfortable. Apart from that, not much has really changed. The new track pad is a nice addition and seems to be pretty useful in various games.

But that’s also the problem, in games that don’t make use of it, it is a big square button doing nothing. We can’t really be mad at Sony for that since they don’t control how game developers use buttons on the controller.

DualShock 4

The built-in speaker is quite good, to be honest. It is enough for casual games and means you don’t need speakers or headphones to hear what’s going on. The thing we don’t like about the controller’s input is that not all earplugs are supported. As well as Bluetooth headphones that aren’t specifically made for consoles, can’t connect to the PS4 Slim. But that is more of a problem with the console, not the controller.

The vibrations really enhance the gaming experience. If a grenade explodes next to you, for example, the controller will vibrate giving you a sense of movement. We also quite like that Sony has brought out various limited edition designs. Lastly, some people complain about the sensitive triggers and analog sticks. We haven’t really found this annoying in any way so it might differ on a person to person basis.


To conclude, the PS4 Slim is a great console. If you don’t mind not being able to game at 4K then there is no reason not to buy this console. If you want to future proof your console though, then we would recommend you pick up the more expensive PS4 Pro instead. As that has better performance and supports 4K.

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