K70 Mk.2 Review | Is It Worth The Upgrade?

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The refreshed version of the K70. Pretty much the same keyboard but with premium touches. Let’s see if the K70 Mk.2 is better than the old K70.


The design has basically stayed the same. A brushed metal top with an open area where the keycaps are. This makes the keyboard look very modern and clean in my opinion.

On top of the of the keyboard, you’ll find an RGB corsair logo. This logo is a big upgrade from the old logo you can find on the K70. On top of the logo is a seethrough plastic panel,  to make the RGB lighting pop.

Further right of the Corsair logo is a mute button and a very nice metal volume wheel. Both the volume wheel and mute key are in a good position and are very useful.

The K70 Mk.2 also has a numpad like the older K70. Above that, there are 4 media keys: Stop, Previous Song, Play/Pause & Next song. These media keys along with all of the other keys on the keyboard gave RGB lighting under them.

There are 3 keys on the top left of the keyboard which are: Profile Switcher, Brightness & Windows Lock Key. I don’t really use these 3 keys except for the windows lock key but that can might differ on a person to person case.


The frame is made out of plastic but it still feels pretty premium. Like I mentioned the top of the keyboard is made out of a brushed metal plate. This looks very nice but can get scratches from sharper objects. Don’t worry though these scratches can easily be removed with your finger.

The keycaps are one of the best out there when coming to build quality. They are made out of PBT double-shot plastic, meaning that the keycap is basically made out of 2 keycaps stuck together. The letters on the keycaps are also very bold and modern. 

One downside is that I find the keycaps not letting enough light. So I am planning to buy a set of “Half seethrough keycap name how is it called”. These keycaps have a brushed acrylic look on the bottom half of the keycap letting more light through.


The K70 Mk.2, like all Corsair products, uses the iCue software which is relatively new. The interface can look daunting at first but is pretty simple if you know where what is. Especially if you only want simple lighting on your keyboard.

One great thing is that you can download profiles that other people have created online and then import the file into the iCue software. This is by far the easiest way to have complex lighting on your keyboard with basically no effort. 

Every single key can be controlled separately which can give you the opportunity to create cool lighting effects. The Corsair logo is split into 2 parts which can be individually controlled.

To summarise the iCue software can be very complex but it’s easy when wanting to create simple effects or download other peoples lighting.

What’s In The Box

Wrist Wrest – The box includes a plastic wrist wrest covered with rubber and actually feels very comfortable. It clicks into place and to remove it you need to hold the wrist rest at a 90 degree angle to the keyboard, then you can remove the wrist rest. 

Keycaps & Puller – The keycap puller is pretty self-explanatory and a very nice addition. The included keycaps cover the most used keys of MOBA and FPS games. I don’t like the keycaps because they are weirdly curved, but I have heard that other people do like them. The keycaps have a grey, textured like top which is useful for some people.


The K70 Mk.2 is a great keyboard for first-time buyers even with its steep price point. For the people with the old K70, it’s really up to you if you want to upgrade or not. For most people, the upgrade won’t be necessary since there are no big upgrades.

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