Logitech G502 Review | The Best Gaming Mouse?

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The well known Logitech G502. It has been around for ages and it is definitely one of my favourites.


The Logitech G502 has a good build quality. Most people’s hand will have a good grip on the mouse except for people with larger hands. 

The sides are made of a rubbery plastic type of grip. This doesn’t necessarily grip your fingers but I haven’t found this to be annoying. 

Also when moving the Logitech G502 you can hear the scroll wheel moving from side to side but only without headphones. You can also feel the movement but after a while this is unnoticeable.  

The weights included are on the light side and they are a pain to get back out again. I always have all weights in the mouse to make the mouse heavy enough for me. But it is a definite plus to have them included. 



Logitech has a hyper-fast scroll wheel button which can be used to unlock the scroll wheel. 

One of the unique parts of the Logitech G502 is G Shift. Any key can be programmed as a G Shift key. It basically gives you more programmable buttons while being used as a function key like on a keyboard. 


The RGB is on the scarce side. The only RGB is the Logitech logo where your palm sits. The good thing is that the RGB is pretty bright so it can be seen during the day. 


Logitech’s software is well up to par with the best out there. It has all the bits and pieces that every gamer needs.

One thing that annoys me is that it needs to be updated pretty often. These are Auto updates so you can’t turn them off. 

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So to conclude if you are in the market for a new gaming mouse you should definitely consider the Logitech G502. Amazing performance at a good price while just having minor cons.

This is the first mouse where I don’t feel the need to look for a new one. And as a side note, the mouse also goes on sale frequently. 

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