FIFA 19 Review | Is This Game More Of The Same?


FIFA 19 is the newest game in EA’s well known FIFA franchise. It might be the best soccer game out there. But is it any different from any other FIFA game?

Ultimate Team

The most known game mode on FIFA 19 is Ultimate Team or short FUT which stands for FIFA Ultimate Team. This is the main reason that a lot of people keep buying the game year after year. EA focuses on Ultimate Team a lot which means regular updates and events where new cards get released.

The main goal of FUT is to build your own team using cards. These cards are players and each of them has different stats. During events, players can get upgraded cards, which are called special cards. All of these are based on how well the player has been playing in real life.

FUT 19

Cards can be acquired through packs, weekly objectives or the transfer market. There is no limit to how many players can have the same player. Packs can be obtained by reaching a certain rank every week or bought in the store. Sometimes, you can earn special cards in the weekly objectives, in the FUT community we call these free cards. If you pack a player you don’t want, you can sell the card on the transfer market.

This game mode is very fun as you can play online or compete against your friends. The idea of building your own team is really fun as you can’t just pick the best players from every league. The reason you can’t is, that the good players are very rare and cost a lot of money.

You also need to get 100 chemistry in your team so your players play well. To get chemistry you need your players to be from the same country or league which gives you links. If a player has enough links, the player that is connected to it doesn’t need to be from the same country or league.

Career Mode

Another game mode that a lot of FIFA players like is career mode. This has sadly not been updated as much. It has been disregarded for the past few years. The only updates have been more realistic player faces, which is throughout the whole game, and the addition of the champions league. This happened because EA got rights to the Champions League and Europa League.

FIFA 19 Career Mode

There are 2 types of career modes, Manager Career Mode & Player Career Mode. As the names suggest you either act as a manager and can play as the whole team, as well as behind the scenes. And as a player which means you only control one player and can decide if you want to be transferred or not.

Both types can be very fun but they get boring after 4-5 seasons. This could have been easily avoided if EA were to update career mode and give it new features. Right now, started out the career mode can be challenging which we really like. As a manager, you need to make the board happy and as a player, you need to fight for a starting position. But, after a few seasons, you have such a good team or p[layer that there is no challenge anymore.

The manager career mode has the most features. You need can actually play, manage transfers and youth academy. You can also be invited to coach a national team. The youth academy is what we like most as you send scouts to find players all over the world. Then you can sign them to your first team and upgrade their stats through training or play time.

The Journey

FIFA 19 is the 3rd and last game that will contain The Journey in its current state. This is a storyline where you play as Alex Hunter, the son of an ex-soccer legend. The gameplay is the same as a player career mode but with more features.

There are interviews and conversations where you need to make vital choices. All of your decisions will affect what will happen next. For example, if you make a comment about the manager during an interview, you might sit on the bench the next game.

FIFA 19 The Journey

You start off as a young talent at Manchester United. Based on your performance during the games, bigger clubs will approach you to sign for them. This has all happened in FIFA 17 and FIFA 18. So, in FIFA 19 you are already at a big club trying to win the champions league.

We think it is not really worth it to start playing The Journey if you haven’t played it before. The reason for this being is that you have missed out on a lot of opportunities and FIFA 19 is the end of this edition of The Journey. We don’t know if EA will start something similar in FIFA 20 but we will have to wait to find that out.


Like every year, the graphics of FIFA 19 are really good compared to previous FIFAs. Every year more player faces are added and made more realistic. This is one of the most important aspects that making this game realistic.

The movement of the players is also pretty good but there are still a few bugs now and then. Sometimes it seems like the player makes an impossible turn, or that a player is submerged into the field. You don’t really notice this while playing but when watching replays this can look very funny.

FIFA 19 Graphics

This year EA got the rights to the Champions League and Europa League meaning that these international competitions are also included. It seems like this has been one of the final big additions to the FIFA series as there are no big competitions that FIFA 19 doesn’t have. We really like how EA have implemented these 2 competitions into FIFA 19, especially in career mode.

There is nothing really to complain about except for one huge stadium not being included. Barcelona’s Camp Nou is not in FIFA 19 because their contract with EA has ended. We would like to see smaller stadiums to be included. This way everyone can play in their favorite club’s stadium.


Coming to the last part, gameplay. This is always a controversial topic when talking about any FIFA game as they are known to have a few bugs. There are also 1 or 2 ways that make scoring very easy which a lot of gamers don’t like.

We have to say, we don’t really mind this as it means we have to find out how we can score easily. We see this as a challenge, especially in Ultimate Team where you have to find players that are cheap but can score easily.

The bugs we don’t like are things like the kick-off glitch or short corners. These are ways of scoring which are really difficult to prevent and lead to a goal 9 times out of 10. Sometimes the movement of your player glitches which leads to you losing the ball.

FIFA 19 Gameplay

But, you can argue that these issues affect everyone which makes gameplay fair again. We think that game-breaking glitches are very annoying and can lead to people not having fun anymore.


So, in general, we think that FIFA 19 is a great game. If you own FIFA 18 and are not interested in Ultimate Team then we see no reason for you to spend your money on IFA 19. The only reason to buy this game is if you want to play FUT, which is what the majority of gamers play.

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