F1 2018 Review | The Most Realistic Racing Game?

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With F1 2018 being Codemasters 9th F1 game you can expect it to be as realistic as possible. Well, this review will cover everything you need to know.


The gameplay of this game is very realistic. Well, it can be depending on what settings you use.

Codemasters have really done a good job with the default settings. Perfect for beginners who have never played a racing game on a wheel before.

The only setting I would change is the brake assist after you have raced 10-20 laps. This is because assisted breaking will make you feel you are not in control.

As a side note, if you play with a wheel, set the max turning radius to fit with the in-game turning radius. This will make turns more realistic and easier.


For the advanced sim-racers out there, you can completely turn off all assists, turn off the map, turn off the lap and position indicator and set the camera to cockpit view. This is the ultimate F1 experience some could say.

The physics of the car is also one of the best I’ve seen in a racing game. When breaking a piece of your front wing you will definitely notice that in the corners.

Coming to breaking stuff off your car. This is sadly not up to par with the rest of the game. I recommend you download the realistic damage mod.

It took me some time to set the AI difficulty to the correct number, about 2-3 25% races, but luckily you can adjust it in increments of 1 from 0-110.

You can really feel when you need to pit for new tyres. Your car will slip in sharp corners and you will have to drive slower.

The same happens when it starts to rain. You can’t stay out on those dry tires or you’ll seriously loose time. This is a major factor that makes this game so realistic.

You can choose between 6 game modes with career mode and story mode being my favorites. Time trial is very good for getting the grip of the game and playing with new settings.

The grand prix, champoinship and event modes are not very fun in my opinion. Grand prix is you choosing a driver and track for one race.

Champoinship mode has different championships, from the normal F1 calender to old school cars. Events are special races with different cars and goals.


Graphics are also a very important factor in making a game feel like the real thing.If your PC can run it I would definitely recommend you to play in 4K. The experience is just breathtaking.

Otherwise an ultra-wide or triple monitor setup would also do the graphics justice. All of the tracks are a 1:1 copy of their real counterparts since Codemasters have the F1 licence.


Only some sponsor boards on some tracks aren’t identical but that can be fixed with a mod. Other than that there is nothing that would be a major improvement.

Maybe VR can be the next step but we will have to wait and see.

Career Mode

Career mode is what most F1 games are known for. You customize your own driver, pick a team and start racing for them.

To upgrade the car you will need to resource points which can be gained by completing team goals or completing challenges during practice.

Team goals will be set after a few races under contract negotiations. Here you can also set boosts/bonuses that will affect you during the race or upgrading the car.

You can also switch your team during the negotiations. Whether or not the team will accept the contract depends on a few factors which are shown by a bar. Your results, a line in the bar, and your demands, the far the bar is filled.


Rivalries is another method to earn respect form teams. Your teammate and driver of your choice are your 2 rivals. Depending on a few factors, you will get points. First to 30 points has won the rivalry.

I do have some problem with career mode though. After about 2 seasons it gets kind of boring since nothing really changes. Every few seasons there are rule changes like in real life but that is just not enough.

My other problem is driver customization. You can only change your drivers face. Luckily both of these problems can be fixed with mods but I would still like it to be included in the future.


So, let’s talk about mods. There are more than enough mods for F1 2018. You can find all of these at a website called racedepartment.

Some mods make the game more realistic while others are for making the game more fun. Installing these mods is also relatively easy for most gamers. All mods are user created and updated very frequently.

There is not much more to say about it than that I would recommend you to take some time when installing the game to look for mods you like.


Since there is no alternative F1 this is your best and only choice. But even if there were competition, I think the majority of people would still pick F1 2018 over any other F1 game. Codemasters has done a great job with just some minor improvement points.

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