Bluetooth Headphone Review | Is Bluetooth Worth It?


First of all, this isn’t going to be a product review. Instead, we will cover a certain group of products. Bluetooth is being implemented in everything nowadays. Now, we will cover if Bluetooth headphones are worth the extra cost.

Different Areas Of Use

Before we cover the pros and cons of Bluetooth headphones, we first need to know what the different uses are. This means where Bluetooth headphones are utilized the most.

The first use would be to consume audio on the go. You won’t have to worry about cables getting in your way when getting along your day. Also, when you want to pack up your headphones you can just pop them into your bag.

No need to roll up cables and make sure they are tangled up somewhere. This also applies when getting your headphones out. This might not happen very often since a lot of cables are braided, but it still happens sometimes.

A lot of gamers also keep enjoying Bluetooth headphones more and more. The ability to walk away from your gaming setup while still hearing your teammates, game, etc.

Virtual Reality

With the introduction and popularization of virtual reality, headset cables keep getting in the way more and more. Sometimes people forget that the cable is attached to something stationary so when they stand up their head gets pushed back which is very unpleasant.

The last major area where Bluetooth headphones get used is the gym. Well, anywhere were people exercise to be exact. Again, the major factor is that there are no cables. While exercising this is very appreciated by many people. Also not being attached to your phone gives you the opportunity to move around freely.


Like you have read a lot in the area of uses part, the main selling point of Bluetooth headphones is the lack of a cable. Since there are no other major pros we will cover in what way the lack of a cable can improve your experience.

First of all, mobility is a huge issue when being tied to a device via a cable. You always need to be in a certain range of your phone, laptop, etc. Like we previously mentioned, this is annoying in many cases for example while working out.

Another benefit is that Bluetooth is the future. We already see this with the newest iPhones which don’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack. This means that your 3.5mm headphones, aka cabled headphones, might get outdated soon basically wasting your money a few years down the road. This won’t happen to Bluetooth ones.

No 3.5mm Jack

The last major difference and benefit is wear and tear. Cables and easily malfunction or break at the connectors through rough. This does not have to be the case though since having a cable for a long time can also cause it to be damaged.


Coming to the negative sides of Bluetooth headphones. Sadly, having to charge your headphones is something I am not really a fan of. The whole point of Bluetooth headphones is to be wireless, but when you need to charge them you still need a cable. While there are some earbuds that can charge wirelessly now, this should be the standard in my opinion.

In conjunction with the last point, battery life should be improved. While the amount of battery life isn’t bad, it can definitely be improved considering the gap in price between wireless and non-wireless headphones.

Studio Headphones

While the sound quality of wireless headphones has improved drastically in the last years, it is still not up to par with studio headphones. Right now it is simply not possible to transmit the sound quality of studio headphones via Bluetooth. This will not affect everyone but it certainly holds audiophiles far away from Bluetooth.

Something most people don’t think about is wireless interference. This is when the sound gets worse or even cuts out completely because Bluetooth can’t be transmitted anymore. Think of it as a wall between your source, a phone for example, and your wireless headphones. The sound will not be able to pass this wall. this

Bluetooth Headphone Recommendation

After covering the pros and cons of Bluetooth headphones, we will recommend you some headphones certain uses.

Noise-Canceling – Sony WH-100XM3


First of all, we have got the wireless Sony headphones that everyone has probably seen. We would have recommended this as a daily use headphone, but we don’t like to use over the ear headphones on a day to day use. Rather we like to travel with these since the battery life and noise canceling is excellent.

The only problem is the price. This product will easily set you back 350$+ depending when and where you buy it.

Gaming – Steelseries Arctis 7


Wireless headphones have also been getting increasingly popular in the gaming industry. A lot of gamers will be familiar with the brand Steelseries, which is a very high-quality brand.

The Arctis 7 has surround sound, a built-in mic and anything else you can expect. The only negative is the mic which isn’t the best. Though it should do the job for normal in-game chat.

Everyday – Airpods


While the Airpods aren’t headphones but earbuds, we have still included them in this list. The reason for that is that we think they are the best piece of audio you can buy for day to day use.

Whether it is the gym, train, or at your local coffee shop waiting in line you can use these earbuds. This is largely due to the carrying case which also acts as a charger for the earbuds. The only thing you’ll ever need to charge is the case. Luckily enough, the recently announced the Airpods 2 can be charged on a wireless charging mat.


That was our product category review. We definitely recommend wireless headphones for most people because we think it is the future. We hope this guide has helped you decide between wired and wireless headphones. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

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