Blue Snowball iCE Review | The Perfect Starter Mic?

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While some people find the mic in their headset good enough others just want that extra quality. That’s where the blue snowball fits in perfectly.


The blue snowball is a plastic ball which screws on to the included tripod. The tripod is made out of plastic and isn’t to tall. You can tilt the blue snowball up and down so it is aimed at your torso when put on a desk.

On the front of the blue snowball you can find a metal grill which is where all the sound enters. It also has a built-in pop filter which is decent but nothing to be used professionally. But that’s why it’s seen as one of the best beginner microphones. 

The USB cable is attached to the mic and pc and is long enough for most setups. The cable is covered with a rubbery type sleeving to protect it from wear.

There is no official support boom arms but there are various videos on youtube showing how to attach it. You basically screw the mic onto the boom arm so it is unofficially compatible with every boom arm.

The blue snowball is available in black and in white.

Technical Specs

The specs are where you can notice that it is a budget microphone. This is more than enough for gamers, voice chats and maybe for streaming/recording. Although if you want to take streaming/recording seriously you should invest in a better mic like the Blue Yeti.

It is compatible with Windows and Mac and is plug and play. This is a plus for people looking for a beginner mic. 


Eliminating background noise in a beginner mic is always a very nice addition. Using the already mentioned built-in pop filter the noise cancellation works well, meaning you won’t need to buy a pop filter. 

This adds to the plug and play feel making it a perfect beginner mic for every average gamer and people starting off in content creation.


The blue snowball is for people who want to have good sounding audio in-game or while chatting with friends. 

It should also suffice the people who are just getting started with content creation. Although anyone who needs/wants to take their audio seriously won’t be satisfied with the blue snowball. 

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