The Smartphone Market | What Will Its Future Look Like?


The smartphone market, it affects all of us these days. This market defines everything about our current smartphones. So how will its future look?

We will cover everything related to the current smartphone market as well as the future one. As a bonus, we will add what our ideal smartphone would look like and some of our favorite ones.

Current Market

Well, a lot of us might have an idea of how the current smartphone market looks. There are 2 major companies which are very expensive and a lot of companies with budget phones. So, let’s cover the current market with more detail.

Current Smartphone Market

So, the 2 major companies are Apple and Samsung. They have basically been on top of the market since the smartphone era has started. Both of these companies make very high-end phones which is why they are so popular. Smartphones are a status symbol meaning everyone want the best and newest high-end phone.

Since these companies have been there since the start of the smartphone era, a lot of companies decide to cater to the lower-end market. These are good phones made by companies that aren’t as well known. Some companies like Google and OnePlus have tried to compete with Apple and Samsung but haven’t reached the high-end level yet. Recently, OnePlus has announced the OnePlus 7 Pro which looks like it can really compete with Apple’s and Samsung’s flagship phones.

It looks like the current smartphone trend is a bezel-less display. Apart from that, after phones got smaller and smaller, people want bigger phones now. In our opinion though, displays will not get much bigger anymore. This would lead to people not being able to carry their phone in their pocket, which is a huge feature that a smartphone has and a tablet doesn’t.

Smartphone Market In The Future

As we mentioned previously, there have been 2 major companies that have dominated the smartphone market forever. Luckily that is starting to change. We say luckily because more competition means better products at a lower price point, which is ideal for any customer.

A lot of companies, who have focused on budget phones previously, are starting to make high-end phones to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung. Mostly, those phones are almost or even as good as 1000$ phones, with the only difference being the price. All phones except the Samsung S10/S10 Plus and iPhone XS/XS Max are sub 1000$ phones. Which means more and more people are switching over to the more “budget brands”.

Future Smartphone Market

Google, Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi are the ones who are on the right path in our opinion. We think that in the next 5 years all phones will be very similar looks and performance wise. This is because everyone wants the best camera, best screen, fastest phone and highest bezel-screen ratio, meaning phones will have no bezels in the future. Since everyone wants these things, all companies will start to include all of these things in their phones.

So, the future smartphone market will look very different from today’s market. A lot more competition with pretty much the same phone, that will be the norm according to us. The only real difference will be what OS the phone runs, and we have to say that Apple would have the upper hand then. This is because they are the only company who do not run android meaning they will be completely different from all other phones.

Our Ideal Smartphone & OS

So, since we think that all phones will look very similar in the future. Here is what our ideal smartphone would be. We will make this based on smartphones we have now. And as an extra, we will also tell you what pour ideal OS would be. Don’t take any of this too seriously, this is just us having some fun and sharing our opinion with you.

Ideal Smartphone

So let’s start with the overall look of the phone. We would like the size and feel of the iPhone XS Max. We chose for this since we love the premium feel all Apple phones have as well as the big size of the XS Max. Samsung’s S10 display is our choice for the display. No one makes better phone screens than Samsung at the moment so you can’t really go wrong with them. Then we would like a completely bezel-less phone and no pop-up camera, so we would need some way the camera is embedded in the screen.

Coming to securing your phone. Apple’s Face-ID and OnePluse’s in-screen fingerprint sensor would be an amazing duo. This gives you the opportunity to use Face-ID when you can’t touch your phone, while cooking for example, or Touch-ID when the phone isn’t facing you. The in-screen fingerprint sensor would also mean we won’t need any physical buttons which leads us to our next point, ports

We would like no ports, so the phone would rely on gestures and wireless charging which we don’t mind. This would also improve water resistance drastically since water can’t penetrate the outer shell of the phone. As for OS, we would like the look and feel of IOS with the ability to customize it like on Android. Basically the same OS you would get if you jailbreak an IOS device.

Our Favorite Smartphones

To finish off this article, here are our favorite smartphones. This list is not ordered from best to worse but into what budget we think they fit.

iPhone XS / XS Max


This phone is Apple’s latest flagship model. Well, technically 2 phones but the only real difference between the 2 is their screen size. Both phones have an excellent camera and a very good screen, as you would expect from Apple. Apart from the notch that a lot of people don’t like, The phone is bezel-less. The gestures that you use to navigate can take some getting used to but are much better than a home button in our opinion. Both phones also have wireless charging which is basically a must in 2019. The only major problem we found is the price. You need to pay at least 1000$ to own one of these phones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus


The phones that compete with the iPhone XS / XS Max are the Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus. Both of these phones might have the best batteries and screens currently on the market. Mainly because of Samsung making the OLED screens themselves. Besides that, the phone feels and looks very premium and also has wireless charging. We very much like the camera cutout that Samsung has thought of to prevent a notch. Although we would have preferred the camera cutout to be centered. Apart from that, these phones are also around 1000$ making them very expensive.

OnePlus 7 Pro


Coming to the newest phone on the market, that will compete with Apple’s and Samsung’s flagship phones. The main reason for this being possible is that the OnePlus 7 Pro can offer most of the high-end features at a much lower price point. This phone also has a completely bezel-less display with the front-facing camera coming out of the phone itself when in-use. This sounds like an amazing feature, but we really hate it. It makes the phone look very cheap and makes it look like a joke. Wireless charging is also not included which we have grown to use every single day. But, if you don’t mind those 2 things you have got an excellent phone for about 750$.

iPhone Xr


The iPhone Xr is the first time Apple has made a budget edition of their flagship. And we have to say it is a very popular phone costing around 750$. You basically get a very premium phone with a display that is a bit bigger than the XS and smaller than the XS Max. Apart from that, the only other 2 major features that set it apart from Apple’s flagship models are only 1 camera and no wireless charging. Like with the OnePlus 7 Pro, we don’t like that there is no wireless charging. To conclude, it is a very good phone for people who want the Apple experience at a bit of a lower price range.

Huawei P30 Pro


The last phone on our list is known for its absurdly good camera. The Huawei P30 Pro has 4 cameras which allow it to take pictures that look like a picture taken by a DSLR by a normal person. Huawei has always had good performance and battery life on their phones, and this phone is no exception. Apart from a very small on the top of the display, creating a beautiful near bezel-less OLED display. The main problem we found, isn’t even the companies fault. If you live in the USA you can’t directly buy this phone from Huawei but need to get it from a 3rd party seller. This is due to the conflict between the USA and China.

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