Setup Showcase | #1

Arbel, 19
Must-Service in the Israeli Army


I’ve been gaming since I was about 8 with some of my friends back then. We started with some simple Israeli games but soon went to Team Fortress 2.

From there I changed games through the years. As for now, I have 2 main goals with my setup. Gaming and making music.

PC Specs 

CPUIntel i5-7600 @3.50GHz

VideocardGeForce GTX 960



KeyboardLogitech G213

MouseSteelseries Rival

HeadsetHyperX Stinger

MousepadSteelseries Qck Gaming Surface

Control KeyboardAKAI MPK-mini 2


Your PC specs are decent for certain game but to play any AAA games at good settings you need to upgrade your videocard. Anyway, your next upgrade should definitely be getting 16GB of RAM since 8GB is not enough for todays software and games.

You haven’t mentioned the name of your monitor but from what I can see and read in your comments it isn’t very good. You might want to upgrade that swell to possibly a 144Hz monitor or 1440p. Or even both 😉

Setup 1.3

Cable management | 5/10

Well, to start off I would definitely get a headphone hanger like The Anchor and stick it under your desk. Then route the headphone cable from behind your PC to the front of your desk. 

For the cables behind your desk just simply tie them together with a zip tie and make sure they stay behind your monitor stand. 

Move you Control Keyboard a bit to the left so that you can easily route the cable towards your monitor stand. This basically hides the cable since both the monitor and cables are black. 

What you did with your keyboard cable was a great idea, routing it next to your controller keyboard. Try and do the same with your mouse cable, route it long your mousepad and then together with your keyboard cable. just make sure to leave enough room to move your mouse.

I’m not sure what you did on the left or what that is but read my cable management guide to help you clean that up. Last but not least try and route the cable hanging down on the right behind your printer or at the left corner of your desk.

Color Combination | 10/10

You have a nice and simple black and white them which you have stayed loyal to even with your PC case. I myself have a black and white them and thus cannot give you any bad comments.

Theme | 4/10

As far as I can see you don’t really have a theme so I can’t really judge it. Unless you were trying to go for a minimalist black and white theme. Which you have failed at since you have way to much stuff on your desk. Anyway, not every setup needs a theme but its always a nice addition.

Awesomeness | 5/10

There is nothing too special about your setup which definitely isn’t a bad thing. Maybe you could spice things up with an RGB strip behind your desk to make your setup come alive a bit more. All in all a cozy looking setup where you can game at and making music.

Setup 1.2

Future Plans 

My screen is not that good, it is pretty old and I want to upgrade to a newer one. Another old part of my setup is my headset which I plan to replace with headphones and a standalone mic. As for the mic I have chosen for the Blue Yeti, I haven’t chosen replacement headphones yet.

Coming to my PC. My PC sadly can’t handle heavy games like Battlefield 5 so I am looking to get a new videocard and getting more RAM.

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