Will Pro Gaming Grow To Be As Big As Pro Sports?


The pro gaming scene has been getting growing at a rapid pace. But, will it ever be as big as pro sports? That is the question we will answer today.

The first thing we want to say is that everything said in this article is our opinion. We don’t see this as an informative text but more as a fun thing to read.

How Big Is Pro Gaming Now

Before being able to decide if Pro gaming has good potential we need to look at its current state. Looking at the financial side of things like prize money and salaries, it is growing in the right direction. With more and more companies deciding to invest in eSports, the prize money will get bigger and bigger.

The events are very popular for basically any game. They feel somewhat like sports games, with enthusiastic fans that feel the ups and downs of the team they support. This is also the case for the pro gamers since this is how they make a living. They all want to win and it is no longer just about having fun.


Apart from, that most pro gaming teams are part of huge eSports brands meaning that the financing of these teams is not a problem. This does still leave the door open for a lot of teams to be started which will help pro gaming to grow at a much faster rate.

The young audience most games are targeted at means there will be enough talent keeping pro gaming alive. A larger audience means there is a higher chance of a lot of good gamers. This will make sure pro gaming stays alive. Since pro gaming is still quite new, there is a lot of hype around it which is also helping growth.

What Will Help Pro Gaming To Grow?

Like anything else that wants to expand, it needs some help. Whether it is a business, sports team or anything else, nothing can grow to be very large on its own. Here are a few things we think are essential to help pro gaming to grow.

Like mentioned above, eSports needs investors. With this, we mean large brands like Corsair and Logitech to support pro events. It is important that the brand does cater to the consumer though. That is needed to grow the pro scene due to the players knowing the brands.

Other than that, more people need to play the game competitively. While the amount of gamers is growing rapidly, most of them are only in it for the fun, the casual gamer. These people won’t end up on a pro event, resulting in no player so no growth. The key is to have a lot of teams competing. This forces each team to get better and better leading to better competition.


If pro gaming really wants the amount of growth that pro sports have it needs to get more publicity. YouTube and Twitch are a great way to show eSports, but you will only watch the videos/streams if you already know the game. Otherwise, you will never find the content.

Basically, pro gaming events need to find a way to be broadcasted on TV for example. Something where a lot of people, also the ones who aren’t yet interested in gaming, can see it for the first time. Bigger audience equals to a bigger following which is the end goal.

All of these take time, which means we won’t see pro gaming be as big as pro sports in the next 2-3 years. We think this will take 5-10 years if at all.

The Future Of Pro Gaming

After taking all of the things we have covered above into consideration, we will now see if pro gaming will ever grow to be as big as pro sports.

Not quite, we think that gaming just doesn’t have enough potential to compete with other sports we have known for decades.

The major problem in our opinion is the atmosphere that a real-life sporting event gives us. Watching people play a video game just doesn’t compete with the atmosphere in a soccer stadium for example. Other than that we think other sports are far too well developed for anything to compete.

This can be proven by looking at broadcasting. All major sports are broadcasted on multiple TV channels per country. Meaning people could turn on the TV and start to watch a sports game. While eSports is only broadcasted on YouTube and Twitch. Even considering that a lot of people watch a lot of stuff online, the majority of people still likes to sit down on the couch and turn on the TV.

Future Pro Gaming

We are talking about hundreds of billions of dollars that are invested in most of the big sports. even if someone were to invest hundreds of billions of dollars into eSports, it would take time a lot of time for it to develop. Pro sports have about a 30-50 year headstart which you have to take into consideration.

The reason why we said not quite is that we think eSports will be very far developed and a part of our culture in the future. And who knows, we could be completely wrong and see pro gaming take over the whole world. To finish off we’ve got one question for you. Do you think that pro gaming will grow to be as big as pro sports? Let us know!

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