What Is The Next Big Thing In Gaming?


Gaming technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of all the new things. So, what is the next big thing in gaming?

Will Virtual Reality Be The Next Big Thing?

A lot of you might have an idea of what will be very popular in the coming years. As the heading says we think that virtual reality will be the next big thing. It is a very revolutionary piece of tech which is part of the reason we think that this will grow really big in the gaming industry.

Even if we don’t take that into consideration, there is another major reason why virtual reality will grow to be very big. That reason is that there is no competition. There is simply no other hardware or software which is new. Only Faster CPUs and better-looking games, that’s all. With that in mind, VR can grow freely not having to worry that another product will steal the show.

VR Glasses

Another reason we think virtual reality will grow is that a lot of companies are spending money on new hardware and technology that supports VR. Huge companies would only do this if they see a trend coming, hence we predict that almost any game will support VR in the next 5 -10 years. Lastly, it has been a while since something big got released in the gaming industry so we are very excited to see how VR will evolve.

What Is Virtual Reality?

Most of you have probably heard of virtual reality and might have tried it before, but some people might not know what VR is. So, let’s explain what virtual reality is.

Virtual reality is basically you sitting in a cinema watching a 3D movie, but much more immersive. To experience VR you need VR glasses which acts as a screen. But instead of acting like a screen you sit in front of, you get immersed and are able to interact with the game. We won’t get into the technical aspects of VR since that would get too complicated.

VR Room

The special thing VR that sets it apart from regular 3D technology is that you can see different stuff as you move your head around. This makes you feel part of the game you are playing. To conclude, VR allows you to literally jump into the game.

Virtual reality also has accessories which help the user get even more immersed in the game. The main part is are the VR glasses. This is your head which, as it does in real life, allows you to look around as you move your head. The VR controllers act as your hands. You can pick things up and do stuff with them. Most of them even have 5 buttons/triggers that act like your fingers.

How Will Virtual Reality Evolve?

Since we think that virtual reality will be the next best thing in gaming, how do we think it will evolve to keep people interested. Like any product, it needs to get better and cheaper for people to stay interested.

Virtual reality hasn’t grown to its full potential yet, not even close if you ask us. While it has gotten bigger over the past 1-2 years, there are still only 2 major companies making VR stuff. This means less competition, and less competition means slower development. At the end that leaves us waiting longer on a better product.

So, before it will be the next big thing, more companies need to start making virtual reality hardware. Then more games and users will follow as the technology gets better and better. And these companies actually need to make quality VR hardware otherwise they will have no effect on the 2 major companies, leaving us with the same problem we currently have.

Future VR

After that, we think virtual reality will follow the same path as other peripherals. Start off expensive, and then get progressively better and cheaper. We will no doubt see RGB getting implemented somewhere in the future. Then, considering current technology, the final part of virtual reality’s evolution, it will definitely become wireless.

But who knows, we might have such advanced technology in 5 years that virtual reality will be obsolete and we will have something better.

Our Favorite VR Games

If you want to know how VR affects games, you will need to look at the games themselves. Here are some VR we really like with a short description.

The Lab

The Lab

The lab is a game with many games included. You are in a virtual room and can play a lot of mini-games that really show off what VR can do. From basic head and hand movements to advanced action games this game has it all. The perfect game for people who don’t really know what VR can do. And since it is free, this is definitely the game every VR user should have.



SUPERHOT is a first-person shooter and puzzle game. The game is set around time, which only moves when you move. You need to try and kill all of the enemies with swords, guns and more which you can get off fallen enemies. But there is no health so once you get hit it’s all over. It is very fast paced but you also need to think about your next move making this a really fun game

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is the only racing game that supports VR. ANy sim racer wants the most immersive experience possible and VR is a great way of achieving that. As this is a racing game you only need VR glasses since you use a steering wheel to race. So, VR only affects this game visually, but any racing fan with VR glasses should buy this game


To conclude, we think that virtual reality will take over the gaming industry because we haven’t seen anything like this before. Before we reach that point though, there has to be more competition to increase the development rate. Thanks for reading this article and we hope you have enjoyed it.

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