Top 8 Sports Games On Console


In our opinion, sports games are typical console games. These games are perfect for when your friends are over. Here are our favorite sports games.

8) Madden 19


Starting off this list is Madden 19. It is EA’s American football game which has a lot of things in common with EA’s other sports games. This is mostly due to them having the rights to all NFL content. The reason this is the lowest is that the gameplay is only fun if you enjoy the sport itself. The most fun game mode in our opinion is the player career mode. This gives you the opportunity to work your way from nothing to Superbowl champ, which we quite like.

This is due to the game itself is not very entertaining. It is only a fun thing if you know a thing or two about the team, players and the game. Other than that, if you enjoy American football then this game is definitely a top 3 game. If you are not an NFL fan, then we would recommend to stay away from Madden 19.

7) NHL 19


NHL 19, like the previous game, is also made by EA. But this is their ice hockey game. While it seems fun to check people around and fight in a video game, this game is also not very fun if you don’t like ice hockey. Having pretty good and easy to understand game mechanics, makes this possible. We just think there are a lot of better sports games if you are not into ice hockey.

But, we have to say that if you can pick up NHL 17 or NHL 18 for under 10$ then you should definitely do it. Once you get the hang of it, it is very fun to play with some friends. That’s why it isn’t a problem to get last years version. If you care about Ultimate Team though, then we recommend you to get NHL 19 since that’s where most of the player base is.

6) MLB The Show 19


The next game on our list is MBA The Show 19. It is also made by EA but feels completely different from the previous 2 games (Side note – EA makes a lot of sports games that’s why we mentioned them a lot). This game is a fun game to play even if you don’t like baseball. This is due to its complexity rewarding you for every good move you make. But, this also means every mistake you make will be punished.

While the complexity can make this baseball game fun, it can also be very frustrating for a beginner. Once you get the hang of the game then career mode is also nice. Ultimate team only makes sense if you know the players and are into the MLB. For any other gamer playing this game, the player career mode is really fun. Playing your way up from college league, all the way up to winning the world series. This game is a definite buy for any MLB fan and anyone who likes some more complexity in a sports game.

5) Steep


At number 5 on our list is a very unique game. This game is the only game with multiple sports. Apart from that, it is also one of the 2 open world games. We are talking about Steep. With this game not being part of a series, yet, you won’t need to buy the new version every year. Steep is a winter sports game starting you off on a mountain and letting you do your thing. But don’t worry, there are also various events/missions you can do by going there or through the menu. Most of these are races or tutorials if you haven’t done that specific sport before. You can conquer the mountains on your own or with friends using skis, wingsuits, snowboards and paragliders.

Any person who loves open world games or does winter sports themselves should definitely try this game. Like mentioned above you can just move around freely or compete in races. Once you have completed all missions on one mountain you can explore the other mountains in the Alps. When you’ve finished them, you can buy some DLC. So, the point is, there is always something to do on Steep.

4) FIFA 19


The next game might be a bit controversial since a lot of people don’t like what the makers of the game are doing to it. FIFA 19 has always had a lot of different opinions from a lot of different people. The reason for this being is that every FIFA always has an overpowered way of scoring. Some people really hate this, but others think this adds a nice element to the game. We think it adds a nice step to the game, finding out how to score goals and building a team around those players. FIFA 19 also has Ultimate team and Career mode. Career mode has been neglected a lot by the developers which leads to more people starting to play Ultimate Team.

This game is a must-have for any soccer fan. The whole experience of building your own team and competing against each other just appeals to us. Since soccer is played all over the world this is more fun than MLB, Madden and NHL in our opinion. So if you don’t mind certain overpowered ways to score then you can have a lot of fun playing FIFA.

3) NBA 2K19


NBA 2K19 is known for its beautiful graphics and being able to compete with EA’s sports games. The developers, 2K, have done a really good job this year, in our opinion. The storyline on the My Player mode is amazing and the gameplay feels very realistic. Even non-basketball fans can enjoy this game since it is easy to play. We see this as a game you can play with a few friends. If you want to play on your own though, then we recommend you stick to the MY Player mode since that will give you the best experience, for basketball fans and non-basketball fans.

The problem with this game is that it gets very repetitive, this might also be basketball itself but we aren’t sure. After you have played around 15 games, the game can get very boring. This is why we have put it on number 3 on our list. For any person you likes basketball or just wants to try out a new game, then you should definitely try NBA 2K19.

2) Forza Horizon 4


Next is the only racing game on our list, Forza Horizon 4. This game is an open world racing game with a lot of different missions giving you either a car or money. Your car is completely customizable, aesthetically and performance wise. Since it is multiplayer only you can always meet other players when driving to your next mission or just testing out your new car. This can make the experience so much better with improvised drag races, for example. You don’t even need to be a car enthusiast to enjoy this game. A steering wheel is also not needed, we even recommend you play this with a controller.

We can’t really find a reason not to buy this game except for it might become repetitive after a while. We really couldn’t decide if this should be the number one game or not. But in the end, we decided that this should be second place, due to being pretty simple. The most you can do to make the game harder is to turn off all assists. It’s not like you can learn new techniques to drive the car, which stops your personal development at one point.

1) UFC 3


The best game on our list of the top 8 sports games on console is UFC 3. This might not be the most obvious choice since it is a fighting game. This is the first and only realistic fighting game which is the reason we think it is the best sports game. UFC 3 can be very complex but also simple so it is perfect to play for a long time. The reason for that is that when you start out you can use simple combos, gradually using more complex ones as you get further in your campaign. You start off as a beginner MMA fighter trying to fight your way into the UFC and eventually winning the title.

We love this game and think that anyone should at least try it out. You don’t need to know anything about UFC nor need to use complex combos. You can keep things simple and stay with the basic moves. The reason UFC 3 is above Forza Horizon 4, is that you can decide if you want to develop yourself or not. Basically, you can decide if you want to make things harder.

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