Top 8 Small PC Cases


Some people might want a small PC case but don’t care what form factor it is. That is why we are going to cover the top 8 small PC cases.

8) Fractal Design Nano S


Starting off this list might be a controversial choice. A lot of people like the Fractal Design Nano S and would expect it to be higher up on our list. Well, considering the other contenders, we decided to put it at the bottom of this list since it has a lot of drawbacks in our opinion.

The first thing we don’t like is that the only side panel option is made out of acrylic. This scratches very easily even when just sitting on your desk. Another thing is the overall look of the case. The last major drawback is that it looks like a normal office PC you have bought at your local tech store. Some people might like that but we definitely don’t.

Coming to the good things. The price point is a definite plus, this also kind off explains the no/acrylic side panel. Coming in at around 50$-70$ it is considered a budget case by most people. So, we recommend this to people who are either on a tight budget or don’t care about the aesthetics of the case.

7) Fractal Design Node 202


The next case on our list is a form factor you won’t come around a lot. You might recognize the look from a console. These types of cases are also known as console cases since they look like consoles.

The benefit of these types of cases is the slim form factor. This means you could mount it on the wall easier. Carrying this case in a backpack is also much easier than a standard PC case.

The major downside is airflow, this isn’t specific to this case but a general problem with these cases. Now coming to a downside of this specific case, we don’t like the absence of a side panel, or in this case a top panel. While this won’t affect everyone, others might decide not to buy the case just because of this. Another problem with this form factor is how hard it is to build in.

This case is strongly recommended for gamers who are switching over from console but don’t care about the quality of the case.

6) Lian-Li PC-O5


The next case on our list is the Lian-Li PC-O5. This is the same form factor as the previous Node 202. We put this higher on the list since it fixes some of the problems we have found that the previous case has.

The advantages this case has over the Node 202 is it having a side panel. This is a very important feature for people who want to show off the internals of their PC. The build quality of this case is generally of very good quality.

Since we have already covered the downsides of this form factor, we will only cover the downsides of this specific case. The price is a bit steep compared to the case’s competition. Another problem is that the official way to place this case is straight up. We find this very ugly and there are numerous ways you can lay this case down like a console.

This case is for the gamers that want an upgraded Node 202

5) NZXT H200i


The most popular case on this list is the NZXT H200i. Like the Fractal Design Nano S, some people might see this as the best small PC case there is. While this case has a lot of very good features, it still lacks some.

First of all, it isn’t really a small case. Only 4 cases on this list are really small and all of them are above this case. The next problem with this case is that the PSU shroud will block airflow to the GPU massively. This will shoot up the GPU temps. Another thing we don’t like is the fan holes on top of the case. While we know that it is a good place considering airflow, it looks awful.

Luckily this case also has a lot of benefits. The major one being the build quality. The case is made out of metal and the side panel is tempered glass. The “i” in H200i means that it has a built-in NZXT LED hub and strip. This does cost more money though so keep that in mind. You could kind off see this case as an upgraded Fractal Design Nano S.

4) Thermaltake Core P1


You might know the bigger version of this case from insane water cooling builds. This open case is the smallest version, having 3 bigger versions.

This doesn’t have a lot of negative aspects but is not at the number one spot since this case is still fairly big compared to others. So, let’s start off with the few negatives.

Since this case has an open frame, you might think that airflow would be amazing. Well, considering that the glass panel blocks a lot of air this isn’t the case. You could take the glass panel off to solve this issue though. Another negative is also because of the open frame. Your build will get very dusty so make sure you clean it regularly.

So, the thing we like most about this case is the look. The open frame with a large glass panel in front of your PC parts. Wall mounting your build will also be easy with this build since it has VESA mount compatibility.

3) InWin A1


Our next case is by far the smallest on this list, together with our number 1 pick. The InWin has a very steep price but comes with a lot of features that justify it.

First of all, it comes with a power supply. When considering that into the price the case doesn’t seem too expensive anymore. It is a 600W bronze power supply, so it has enough power for most people. Another very unique feature is a built-in Qi charger on top of the case. Just imagine laying your phone on your case to charge. For the RGB lovers, there is an RGB strip at the bottom of the case giving you some underflow.

The biggest downside is that a lot of components won’t be compatible since this case is so small. Not coming with a case fan is also annoying since almost every case has one built-in. If the built-in power supply is not right for you, you might have to pass on this case. It would be a major hassle to get the power supply out.

2) Phanteks Evolv Shift


Number 2 on our list might remind you of Apple’s Mac Pro and Corsair One. This tower-like form factor is fairly unique in the PC building industry.

As with the previous case, part compatibility is also an issue if you are wanting to build in this case. The recommended form factor for most parts is SFF which is not as widely available as other form factors. Building in such a slim tower case could also bring up a lot of problems. So, we wouldn’t recommend this case to a first time builder.

The looks and uniqueness of this case is definitely the selling point. Having a tower like form factor also gives you more opportunities on where and how to place your PC build. Since this case has a grill at the bottom and top for airflow, airflow should be very good considering warm air goes up.

1) NCase M1


The last case on our list is our favorite case in basically any category. The clean and minimal look of a very small case makes this perfect for a lot of setups. While not a lot of people transport their PC, it is very possible to do it with the NCase M1.

Despite the small form factor of the case, it can fit up to a 240mm AIO. If you make the fans pull in air towards the radiator, thermals shouldn’t be much of a problem. At least not for a case this size.

The one thing we absolutely don’t like about this case is the price tag. It is a very high-end case that will set you back around 200$. Is it worth the money? Yes, if you can afford the steep price tag and want a very small case then there is nothing better on the market right now.


This was our list of the top 8 small PC cases. We hope you have a better insight on smaller cases or know which one to buy. What is your favorite small PC case?

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