Top 8 PC Case Mods


While some like the way their PC cases look others want to add their own personal touch.

This guide is exactly for those people. Here are the Top 8 PC Mods.

8) Custom Power Switch

Power Switch

The custom power switch is so low on our list because most people don’t care about it. Why should they, its just a button you press to turn on your PC.

Well, a custom power switch can be built into a case but I wouldn’t recommend this. It usually ruins the case.

The second option, the one I would recommend, is to externally mount it somewhere. This can add a lot to your setup theme if done correctly.

7) Fan Grills

Fan Grill

The next mod are fan grills. This is so low on our list because the aesthetics of fans has drastically improved lately.

Fan grills are for anyone who has ugly fans or wants to make the fan fit better with their theme. Fan grills have the same holes as fans so just line them up and screw them in together.

You can make fan grills yourself but I suggest you buy them. I personally like V1 Tech’s fan grills. They are on the expensive side but are well worth it.

6) SSD/HDD Cover


Some SSDs are not very nice to look at. While most cases hide HDDs and SSDs some cases like the NZXT H400i doesn’t.

For those cases, you can make or buy a cover that you simply stick onto the SSD. I also like the SSD covers that V1 Tech makes but they are also on the pricey side.

Of course, you can also make an SSD cover yourself. This is easier than making a fan grill but you still need the right tools.

5) Custom PSU Shroud

PSU Shroud

Coming to the PSU, some cases hide the power supply in a so-called second chamber and some already have a PSU shroud installed.

For a lot of hardcore modders this is a must-have for each build. It gives you so many opportunities to customize your case. Sometimes giving the extra touch.

I would make this yourself out of acrylic since there are a lot of different cases. Plus, making it yourself gives you more modding options.

4) Custom GPU Backplate

GPU Render

A lot of gamers have very expensive GPUs and some are ruined by an ugly backplate. Or even worse. no backplate at all.

Yet again you can make this yourself or buy one. The backplate is stuck on top of your GPU but is easily removable if done correctly.

There are a lot of tutorials on youtube so I would say save your money and make it yourself.

3) Small Screen

Small Screen

Now you might think: “a small screen, but why?” well, a small screen can be very useful to monitor your hardware.

Mount the mini screen in your case so you can see it through your glass side-panel. Then connect it to your graphics card so it will act as a second monitor.

If you don’t want to monitor your hardware you can put any application on the screen. Maybe an application from our top 10 applications for your new PC.

2) Custom Cables

Custom Cables

Every case with a side-panel will have one main problem, cables. You sadly can’t get rid of them so we need a way to hide them or make them look better.

Well, the easiest is to make them look better. Custom cables are the way to go since you just plug these into your PSU and the they act like normal cables.

The only problem is that you need a modular/semi-modular power supply. If you don’t have one of these, then you need to connect the custom cables to the power supply cables.

This then makes the custom cables act like extension cables, creating more cables that need to fit behind the motherboard tray.

The best place to get custom cables from is CableMod. You can buy pre-made sets or completely customize them.

1) LED Strip

LED Strip

Number 1 on our list and definitely the easiest mod out there are LED stripes. Most of us have them on our desk so why not in our case.

You can buy fancy NZXT, Corsair or CableMod LED strips but you don’t need them.

Just search online for magnetic LED strip and you will find plenty. The magnetic part will make mounting much easier.

The cheaper options will be controlled by a remote though. So if you want to control everything via software you need to buy from one of these brands: NZXT, Corsiar or CableMod.


That rounds off our list of the top 8 PC mods. We hope we have helped or inspired you to mod your own build. Why don;’t showoff your whole setup on our setup showcase.

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