Top 10 Applications For Your New PC


All of us have experienced getting a new PC. No matter if you built it yourself or bought it, the first thing we do is download the applications we need.

Here are our top 10 applications for your new PC.

10) WinRAR


The first item might be very simple, but crucial element to this list.

Almost everything your download from the web is in a .zip format. This means you cannot access the file without using software to unzip it.

WinRAR does the job perfectly eventhough there isnt a lot of complexity. Adding this with the well known infinite 40-day trial there is no reason not to download WinRAR.

9) Drivers

GeForce Experience

Drivers are probably the most obvious thing we will mention, since most of us download them without thinking about it.

They are used by hardware, for example, your graphics card and peripherals, to connect perfectly with the OS you are running.

Without drivers, you will encounter a lot of problems when gaming, video editing or just simply testing out new gear.

Always make sure that when you get a new piece of hardware, to check if this needs a driver.

8) Cinebench


Cinebench is so low on our list since it is not essential. This software is used to measure the performance of your CPU and GPU. After the test Cinebench gives you a score along with a leaderboard of hardware in the same range.

This tool is very handy for people that tend to overclock their CPU and GPU and want to measure the impact it has on peformance.

7) MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner

Continuing with the overclocking theme, MSI Afterburner comes in at number 7.

MSI’s software is universally used overclock graphics cards. This means that you can overclock any GPU in this software

Unlike CPUs, GPUs can’t be overclocked using the bios. So you need to use specific software like MSI Afterburner.

The application also features a ton of other cool stuff but most people mainly use it for overclocking

6) CAM


The last application on our list that is connected to monitoring/overclocking hardware is NZXT’s hardware monitoring software.

This application has a beautiful UI which shows you the temperature, clock speed and load for your CPU and GPU.

NZXT’s CAM software also shows you how much percent of your RAM is in use, as well as how much storage space you have left on your SSD and/or HDD.

Because the software is made by NZXT you can also configure the RGB and fan speeds of NZXT light strips and AIO water coolers.

To finish off you can set CAM to send you a notification once a certain temperature, load or disk space has been reached.

5) OBS Studio


Anyone wanting to record/stream their content will need somehow to capture what they are doing.

While Nvidia graphics cards have a built-in screen recorder OBS is much better. OBS also supports AMD graphics cards and streaming.

It has a simple UI but can get very complex once you get into to it. Multiple layers of content for your stream and being able to directly output your screen to a website.

These are the most useful features OBS has to offer.

4) Spotify


We all love music, or at least most of us. Maybe not the same genres of music but don’t worry because Spotify has enough music for everyone.

Being able to make playlists, follow your friends or favorite artists and sharing music are some of the highlights. With one simple click you can add a song to your playlist.

Spotify also has a weekly playlist made for you, based on what you have listened to in the past week.

Adding this with the hundreds of weekly updated playlist made by Spotify and thousands of community made playlists you’ll never run out of music.

3) F.lux


Our next application helps us game at night. F.lux adjusts the warm and cool colors on your monitor depending on the time of day.

You can completely customize when your monitor should emit more cool or warm colors using F.lux.

You can also automaticly turn off or reduce F.lux for certain applications such as movies and games.

Anyway F.lux will save your eyes a lot of strain during your night gaming sessions

2) Discord


Most of us like to game with friends. That’s because most games are multiplayer which leads to playing it with friends being more fun.

Discord has the ability to direct call people or join a group chat in a server. These servers can be created unlimitedly by users and are fully customizable.

You can also communicate via text. I love the part that you can add bots to discord. Bots act like mods or plugins in games, automating or managing things.

This can be useful when running a large community. Especially when wanting to limit things people with certain roles can do.

1) Steam


Coming in at number 1 on our list is steam. Every gamer knows what steam is, the biggest game platform on PC.

The reason why steam is so popular is that almost every game you can imagine is available on steam. Along with steam sales, where you can get games for almost nothing, steam is perfect for every gamer.

The user-submitted content in the workshop, custom profiles and friends list create the ultimate gamers hub.

That’s why steam is the number 1 must-have application on your PC


Thanks for reading our list on top ten applications for your new PC.

Make sure to share this with your friends so they know what to download when they get a new PC.

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