The Best Gaming Keyboards For Any Gamer


Every PC gamer needs a gaming keyboard but all of them have different needs. Here are some of the best gaming keyboards for any gamer.

Roccat Vulcan 100 Aimo


We are going to start off this list with a very unique keyboard. The Vulcan 100 Aimo has a skeleton design which will definitely set you setup apart from others.

Besides looking cool, the skeleton design will make cleaning your keyboard much easier. This might get to the point where you won’t need to lean it at all since the keyboard has an open design. The base of the keyboard is made out of metal and switches are also built very well. The RGB lighting is very easy to customize with Roccat’s software.

The thing we don’t like is that it doesn’t have any ports. A lot of gaming keyboards have 1 or more USB pass-through ports for you to use. This is sadly not the case on the Vulcan 100 Aimo.

Corsair K63 Wireless


The next keyboard is the only wireless keyboard on this list. Wireless gaming peripherals have been getting better and better over the years but gaming keyboards are still lacking. In our opinion, if you want a wireless keyboard, then the K63 might be your only option.

Our biggest gripe with the keyboard is that it doesn’t have a numpad. Some people might like this compact design, but having the keyboard come in 2 variant would be appreciated by a lot of people. With the backlighting on, battery life is also on the shorter side which might annoy some users.

Having a wireless gaming keyboard with Cherry MX switches is why we like this keyboard. This is also the main selling point since this keyboard has very little competition. For a wireless gaming peripheral this keyboard is priced accordingly, coming in under 100$.

Logitech G513


The next 3 keyboards on our list are probably most known keyboards which will also fit most types of gamers. The first one will be the Logitech G513. This keyboard comes with Logitech’s own Romer-G switches which are equivalent to Cherry MX switches.

We like the fact that this keyboard has feels very premium. The included plush wrist-rest is one for the best out there, and it is included for free. Corsair’s plastic wrist-rest is nothing compared to this one. The RGB lighting is very vibrant and easy to control using the G Hub software.

The major problem with this keyboard is the absence of media keys. This might not sound like a big problem but we use media keys a lot on a day to day basis. You should be able to expect media keys on a keyboard that costs well over 100$. Other than that, we would’ve liked to see the USB 2.0 pass through to be USB 3.0.

Corsair K70 Mk.2


The next keyboard might be the best one out there. The only flaw of the keyboard is the price. The K70 Mk.2 comes in at around 170$ which means this keyboard is almost in the high-end market.

We have like the K70, which already had very few drawbacks, but then the Mk.2 got released. Until this day I use this keyboard as my daily driver and haven’t found anything I don’t like about it. Corsair’s new iCue software might also be one of the best out there. You can easily import and export profiles which gives you the opportunity to download a profile online.

The only thing some people might not like is the included wrist-rest. It is made out of plastic and doesn’t feel too nice. I don’t see this as an issue though since I wouldn’t have used a wrist-rest in the first place.

HyperX Allow Elite


The next keyboard on our list is very similar to the K70 Mk.2. The HyperX Allow Elite is basically a toned down version of the K70 Mk.2. Coming in at 130$ it is also on the cheaper side for high-quality mechanical keyboards.

HyperX’s software, like G Hub and iCue, is very one of the best out there. No annoying updates or bugs, it just works. Cherry MX switches are standard on this keyboard which we really like. Apart from that the overall feel and quality of the keyboard itself is very good. The RGB lighting is up to par compared to the other big brands like Razer and Corsair.

The only thing we don’t like is the large footprint of the keyboard. It will take up a lot of space on your desk with a lot of empty spaces on the keyboard itself. As we don’t really use wrist-rests we did not see the flimsiness of it to be annoying, so if you are planning to use the wrist-rest take into account that it is built as well as the rest of the keyboard.

Corsair K95 Platinum


Now coming to the high-end keyboards. The first one will be the well known Corsair K95 Platinum. This is basically the K70 Mk.2’s big brother with an additional lighting strip at the top and 6 macro keys.

The advantages and disadvantages of this keyboard are the same as the K70 Mk.2, so we won’t cover those anymore. The only major advantage this keyboard has is the 6 macro keys which you can configure to do anything you want.

The thing we don’t like about this keyboard is the large footprint. Like the HyperX Allow Elite, the K95 Platinum also has a lot of empty space. The high price tag is also a major disadvantage, coming in at around 200$

Razer Huntsman Elite


Last but not least we have the very expensive Razer Huntsman Elite. Like the K95 Elite, you will have to say goodbye to 200$ to pick up this keyboard.

Like with a lot of Razer products, the RGB lighting is absoluteness stunning. Not only are the lights very vibrant, but the amount of lighting is also amazing. The included wrist-rest is also very good, competing with Logitech’s wrist-rest. Razer’s own switches have gotten better and better, competing with the CHerry MX switches very closely.

The thing we don’t like about this product is the software. Razer Synapse has a lot of bugs and needs to be updated regularly. Apart from that, the price is also a disadvantage, but it is cheaper than some keyboards Razer has brought out in the past.


This was our list of the best gaming keyboards for any gamer. We hope you have found your perfect keyboard.

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