The Best PS4 And PS4 Pro Accessories


Since consoles don’t have a lot of customization options. Accessories are a way to add your own touch and can add a lot of features.

So, here are the best PS4 and PS4 Pro accessories.

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Custom Controller

Custom Controllers

With the controller being the thing you will use most with your console it is important to make it your own. Since all PS4 controllers are the same, only difference being black or white, a custom controller can add a color or feature you would really like.

Scuf Controllers are very good but expensive modded controllers. These have custom paddles at the back of the controller allowing to have an extra few buttons.

Scuf controllers are aimed more at the console gamers who like shooter games, since sport games won’t get easier/better with these paddles.

Any custom painted controller from a trusted seller is the better option for gamers who just want their own design on the controller. These are far less expensive than Scuf controllers since these are just painted adding no features.

Sony also offer custom painted controllers but I don’t recommend them. They are more expensive and there aren’t as many options.

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Controller Charging Stand

Controller Stand

We all hate that we need to plug in a micro-USB cable every time our controllers die. Another thing some people don’t like is that they have no good looking place to put their controllers.

Well, luckily there is a solution for both of these problems. A controller charging stand does literally what its called. It is a controller stand that charges your controller at the same time.

These stands come with a small pad that you plug into the micro-USB port and then sits behind your controller. Don’t worry they are will not irritate you while gaming. These then act as a connector to the stand which is also the charging base.

I would definitely recommend the PowerA Charging Stand. While it is bulky it still looks very good and is also recommended by Sony themselves. If you have 1 controller this stand is perfect.

For the people who use 2 controllers on a regular basis and need to charge them at the same time, the PowerA Dual Charging Stand will do the trick. Being less bulky than its single controller counterpart makes it look even better in my opinion.

Sadly there is no charging stand that officially supports wall mounting but I certain that there are a few people who have managed anyway.

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Extra Storage

External HDD

A lot of console gamers have hundreds of GBs of games for their PS4. Having to delete some games when buying a new one is very annoying. So what these people need is an external storage.

It doesn’t make sense to go for an SSD since these are still kind of expensive. Theoretically, you can get any old external storage drive and plug that in via USB. The best way though is to get a game drive that connects to your PS4.

I suggest the Seagate Game Drive which is available in 2TB and 4TB. Since this is a PS4 exclusive game drive it is rocking blue and black colors.

You can also remove the build in storage and install your own but this is too much work for what its worth. This also voids your warranty so it is definitely not worth it.

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Mounts & Stands

Console Stand

Mounting your console to the wall or putting it on a stand can completely transform your setup. Mostly in a good way.

If you can wall mount it I would strongly recommend it, it will be one of the best decisions you have made. I like the HIDEit 4S Mount because you don’t see the actual mount.

It just mounts onto your console and screws into the wall. The mount is available for the original PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. HIDEit also offers controller wall mounts.

If you want to have your PS4 on your desk vertically then getting a stand is the best you can do. The AmazonBasics Vertical Stand is the best option. It is minimal, sturdy and officially licensed by Sony. What else could you have wanted?

There are also a lot of console + games stands but I think they look cheap. If you still have the physical version of a game just put it in a drawer somewhere. If you are a collector who wants to show all of your games then get a shelf to put them on.

Never go for one of the console + games stands, it is simply a waste of money

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Controller Decal

Decals are a very good way to customize your PS4 and controller. Since you stick the decals onto your hardware it isn’t permanent. This is very useful for people who like to change things up.

Decals are available in all different kinds of genres. From minimal to game specific it’s out there. That’s what I like about them, there is nothing better than having your friends over and them seeing your awesome custom PS4.

Amazon has a lot of no-name decals that cost around 10$-15$. Since these aren’t very high quality you might need to replace these every so often.

You can buy PS4 decals, controller decals and console + controller decal combos. There are some premium decal brands but I wouldn’t recommend them since you might want to change things up and these are relatively expensive.

I personally don’t like controller decals since it is kind of a hassle to apply them. On the other hand, console decals are very easy to apply. The good thing is that the PS4 is just a big square, meaning you can buy vinyl and cut it accordingly yourself.


Well, that were the best PS4 and PS4 Pro accessories. Have you found anything you already have or better yet going to buy? Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and follow us on social media.

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