6 PlayStation 5 Features We Want To See


With the PlayStation 5’s release coming closer and closer we have made a list of features we want it to have. Here are 6 features we want the PS5 to have.

Backward Compatible Games

Backward Compatible

The one thing we hate when buying a new console is that we have to buy all of our favorite games again. Not only does this cost a massive amount of money, considering games are 60$ or more, it is also a big hassle.

Going out to your nearest games store or shopping online takes some time. Especially when the game is sold out and you have to wait for it to be back in stock.

Thankfully one of the issues has been solved by having the option to buy the games digitally. While this still taking a lot of time for gamers with a massive game library, it is an improvement.

Backward compatibility would mean that we would be able to still use all of our PS4 games. If we are lucky and Sony decides to be nice, we would also be able to play our PS1, PS2 and PS3 games. This is very unlikely though since those games are very old and might bring up a lot of problems on the software side of things.

With recent rumors of Sony working on backward compatibility, it is very likely we will see this feature on the PlayStation 5.

At Least 60 FPS


When comparing a console to a gaming PC one of the first things that always comes up is FPS count. Current gen consoles being capped at 30 FPS for most games, they lie a far way behind a gaming PC.

With 60 FPS being the standard for almost everything nowadays, you’d expect a gaming console to support it natively. Sadly though, even the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is known for its capability of running 4K only supports 60 FPS in some games.

If Sony would upgrade this to native 60 FPS, or even more which is easily possible, a lot of gamers would favor the PlayStation 5 over the Xbox. Having at least 60 FPS wouldn’t just help Sony in the console race, but also compete with a budget gaming PC.

Apart from that, having more FPS in fast-paced action games will be very advantageous for the user. Just giving gamers a better experience performance wise is a must for each new console.

Combining the minimum of 60 FPS and 4K resolution that we hope the PlayStation 5 will have, will make this a very good console.

SSD Storage


Storage space on a console is a topic a lot of people talk about. Something that isn’t talked about as much is storage speed. With storage speed being debatably more important than storage space, we would like the speed to be upgraded first.

All consoles currently use an HDD which are cheaper per GB but much slower. With SSDs being out for some time now they have been becoming more affordable. Even considering that an SSD is more expensive than an HDD, the decrease of loading times will compensate for the price in most cases.

There are still a lot of console gamers that have a huge amount of games. Sadly, they will either have to choose which games to put on the SSD and buy an external HDD for the rest of their games or pay a premium for a larger SSD.

SSDs are also more reliable and less prone to fail since there are no mechanical parts moving, unlike the HDD. No mechanical parts that have a chance to fail means that there is no chance that you wake up one day and your SSD doesn’t work.

With digital games also becoming more popular, download times will also be cut massively. Combining this with the sharply reduced loading times and better reliability there is no real reason for Sony not to have an SSD in the PlayStation 5.



With technology advancing, there are many new and great things. We have seen the first, and only, game that supports crossplay recently. Gamers have enjoyed it so much, that it seems like a feature that needs to be implemented in the next consoles and games.

Currently, games have different servers for each console, forcing you to connect with gamers on the same console. For most games enabling crossplay is as easy as having all of the consoles connect to one server. Some games might need some work fixing bugs and mechanics that might differ from console to console.

Crossplay is basically having the opportunities to play a game with players that use other consoles. Meaning that you can play on your PlayStation and be in a team with Xbox and PC gamers, giving us the opportunity to connect with far more people.

This also means that you can keep your console no matter what. Even you are the only person you know that uses a PlayStation, you can still play with your friends. The only scenario which this wouldn’t work is on exclusive games like Horizon Zero Dawn. As the name suggests, these game are exclusive to a certain console removing the point of having crossplay.

Better Bluetooth Headphone Support


Coming to a feature that might not affect everyone using a PlayStation, Bluetooth headphone support. Currently, you need a console certified Bluetooth headset to connect it to your PlayStation. This means that people who want to use headphones from brands like Beats or JBL are out of luck. Technically, you can connect them with some effort but this shouldn’t be necessary.

The very common Apple Airpods that a lot of people we know have gotten recently cannot be connected because of this issue.
Sony has likely decided against adding Bluetooth support because they think that gamers will buy dedicated gaming headsets certified for a console. This is true for the FPS gamers out there but not for the gamers who play sports games.

These gamers don’t need gaming headsets so the obvious choice would be to opt out for headphones that they have lying around the house. Since technology has advanced a lot, Bluetooth has basically become the standard for everyday headphones.

Sony could simply install a Bluetooth receiver into the PlayStation 5 and then the headphones would connect easily. Although we hope that if Sony includes better Bluetooth headphone support it will be something higher grade than a Bluetooth receiver.

Better DualShock Controller

Futuristic Controller

Last but not least we want a better DualShock controller. Some might say this is not a feature but since it is essential to using the PlayStation we count it as one. While the DualShock controller has gotten a very good upgrade in recent years there are still some minor improvements.

Since the DualShock 4 controller has an ok battery, it is a feature that needs to be improved. So, it is obvious we would like to see a longer lasting battery to see when the PlayStation 5 comes out. Something that is very unlikely but would be amazing is a wireless charging dock from Sony. Microsoft offers this for their Xbox One controller so why can’t Sony.

The DualShock already has built-in speakers, while not great still nice to have them. Now we would like a built-in microphone to be able to use when we don’t have a headset/microphone around. This doesn’t have to be a professional mic but at least something to be able to communicate.

To finish off, we would like to have the option to remap the buttons on our controllers. Then being able to save them to your controller or profile. This gives us the extra customization some people want, while also giving us a way to improve even more in games having certain buttons in the places we want.


Well, that finishes off our list of PlayStation 5 features we want. What is the feature you would like to see on the next PlayStation? Let us know!

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