10 Must-Have​ Desk Accessories


While some people prefer a minimalist desk setup there are still some must-have items. Here are the 10 must have desk accessories for anyone out there.

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Headphone Hanger – The Anchor


Starting off this list is a headphone hanger. A place to put your headphones after you are done using them.

No one likes headphones randomly on their desk. It’s just not ascetically pleasing. The Anchor is a perfect solution.

This is a simple rubber headphone hanger can hold 2 headphones. Just stick it under your desk with the applied 3M tape and you’ll never have to see headphones randomly on your desk. 

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Phone Stand/Wireless Charger – Anker Wireless charger, Lamicall Phone Stand

Phone Stands

Everyone has a phone nowadays and most of us don’t go somewhere without it, including our desk.

So instead of laying your phone on your desk, you can get a phone stand. This doesn’t only look better but enables you to look at your notifications without having to lift your phone. 

Newer phones are capable of wireless charging, So if your phone has this feature you can get a phone stand with wireless charging.

Otherwise run your charging cable through the hole in the stand to your phone, also enabling you to charge it at your desk

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Microphone Boom Arm – Neewer Microphone Boom Arm

Mic Boom Arm

The next item on our list does not apply to everyone due to some gamers using their mic on their headset. 

Most microphones already contain a stand but this is mostly a short tripod. This brings up a lot of disadvantages from having a cable run across your desk to needing to put it between your keyboard and body.

A solution is to can buy a microphone boom arm that clamps to the side or behind your desk.

Basicaly every mic is compatible, even the Blue Snowball with a small mod. This also enables you to push your microphone away when not using it.

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Voice Assistant – Echo Dot, Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot

Talking to computers and getting an answer, everyone’s dream about a decade ago. Well, now its possible so why not add a small voice assistant to your desk.

Amazon’s Echo Dot is by far the most known voice assistant featuring amazon alexa. I personally like Amazon alexa more than Google home. 

For people who want to add a screen to their voice assistant the Echo Spot is for you.

This doesn’t only add a fully customizable screen but also a clock. So no need to hang a boring clock on the wall.

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Cup Holder – Vector Cup Holder

Drink On Desk

Most, if not all, of us, drink at our desks. This might be your healthy smoothie, a quick drink or the stereotypical mountain dew.

What we all have in common is that we are all scared of pushing over our drinks and having it spill over all our nice hardware.

So the Vector Cup Holder clamps to the edge of your desk and literally holds your cup, almost like in a car.

So buy this product so you won’t have to worry about spilling the next time you are having a drink at your setup.

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Footrest – Smagreho Foot Hammock


After a long, hard working day you just want to relax. The best way to do this is just to put up your feet and game with some buddies.

The Smagreho Foot Hammot connects to either side of your desk. Then it just works like a normal hammock. Put up your feet on it and relax.

The hammock is only available in red but I don’t think most people will care.

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A6 Note Pad – Any note pad


You might think, why would I need a notepad while being at my desk. Well some things are just easier to write down quickly on a piece of paper.

There is nothing much to phone a notepad, but I recommend going for an A6 paperblock you can find in offices, because they are the cheapest and simplest. For me it’s just the perfect size.

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Speakers – G560


Now coming to the basic things starting with the speakers. I hope you are useing headphones for gaming but when relaxing you wouldn’t want your headphones being in the way all the time.

Getting speakers makes watching YouTube or Netflix so much better.

Pairing this with the foot hammock makes the ultimate relaxing atmosphere.

I suggest you go for the G560 since the lights can sync with what is on your monitor. The speakers also have good enough sound for most people

For the anti-RGB people, don’t worry you can turn off the lighting. 

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Mouse – MX Master 2s


Every setup needs a mouse. No matter if you are a gamer, music producer or video editor.

Even though Apple’s Magic Mouse is categorized as a productivity mouse some find it not to have enough button and not being ergonomic enough. 

That is where most people tend to go for the MX Master 2s.

The mouse is very ergonomic, wireless and has enough programmable buttons. It also features a second scroll wheel where your thumb is.

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Keyboard – K70 Mk.2, Magic Keyboard


Last but not least we have the keyboard. I probably don’t have to tell you why this is an essential piece of your setup.

Like with the mice we have different categories. The 2 main ones are gaming and productivity. 

Gaming keyboards are very fancy with RGB light, Macro keys and It’s gaming switches. I love the K70 Mk.2 but the choice is up to you. We also have a review of the K70 Mk.2.

Productivity keyboards are basically any keyboards without gaming switches. This includes almost any keyboard out there. 

Continuing with the apple them the Apple Magic Keyboard is amazing. When it comes to writing things apple makes one of the best keyboard out there, including their laptops.


These are the 10 must-have desk accessories. I hope you guys learned something and maybe even pick up one of the items on our list.

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