The Top 8 Fitness Trackers Out There


Being healthy is one of the most important things in life. Tech, such as fitness trackers, can help you improve your health a lot. Here are the top 8 fitness trackers out there.

8) Huawei Watch 2


The first fitness tracker on our list is the Huawei Watch 2. This is Huawei’s version of a smartwatch and fitness tracker at the same time. This smartwatch comes in at 240$, which is expensive for a fitness tracker but an ok price for a smartwatch.

Since this is not a fitness tracker alone but also a smartwatch, we think you can wear it to a lot of occasions. Besides that, it is very lightweight and comfortable which is very nice when you are doing sports. You can also exchange the band on the watch, which gives you the ability to add sportier or more luxurious bands. Because it is running Android 2.0 the fitness tracking abilities are very good and easy to look at on your phone using the Huawei app.

The screen is a relatively big screen compared to fitness bands, which means you will be able to look at more information without using your phone. There is no rotating crown, which shouldn’t be a problem if you are planning to use this smartwatch for its fitness tracking abilities alone.

We think you should only pick up this device up if you are also looking for a smartwatch. Otherwise, we recommend you to get a fitness tracker, instead of a smartwatch.

7) Garmin Vivosport


Next up is a fitness band which is for the people who want a lot of performance in a small package. As we have gotten used to from Garmin products, the Garmin Vivosport has a lot of features in a fitness band form factor. Garmin decided to remove the style and unnecessary features to give us a really good product.

You get all of the fitness features you would want to but without all of the fancy tech or looks. Some people might really like this as you are essentially paying for stuff you don’t need with other fitness bands. The small screen is enough for you to see all of the information you need. This fitness band has Garmin’s excellent GPS tracking which is one, if not the best, out there.

The design is very dull so we would recommend you to only wear this while doing sports. This can be a let down for people who want their fitness trackers all the time. The swimmers should also pass on this fitness band as there are no swimming modes available. As we mentioned previously, it can be a benefit that this device has no unnecessary features, but it can also a downside for some people.

6) Xiaomi Amazfit Pace


The next fitness tracker on our list is another smartwatch. You could see it as the Garmin of smartwatches as a lot of the features have been stripped to make this an affordable option. Along with this, the watch offers all fitness tracking features the average user needs.

We quite like the fact that Xiaomi has decided to make a smartwatch with basic features. This will cater to the people who want more than just a fitness band but don’t want to spend a lot of money. The GPS tracking works well and you can save your information on the app. Battery life also lasts a few days which is decent.

One of the features you need to let go of is being able to reply to messages using the watch. While you get a notification and can read what it says, you cannot do anything with this message. You would need to use your phone for that. The display and backlighting aren’t the best either. In sunlight, the information on the display might be hard to read which is annoying if you are outside a lot.

We have to remember that this is a sub-100$ smartwatch though. It offers most of the fitness tracking features combined with the basic smartwatch features. You can also exchange the bands if you would want to customize this smartwatch.

5) Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro


The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is Samsung’s version of a fitness band. You will immediately recognize this fitness band because of its bulky display which some people will like and others won’t. We actually like this as it offers display almost the size of a smartwatch but the on a fitness band.

This fitness band has an awesome design but that can vary from person to person. It has a big screen compared to other fitness bands which means you can see more information on it. A nice feature which high-end smartwatches also have is that you can listen to Spotify offline. The Gear Fit2 Pro is the device that fits right into the market in between fitness bands and smartwatches if you look at the design and features.

While being a good upgrade, the few newer features can’t justify the much higher price compared to its predecessor. Setting this fitness band up takes some time which is not good in 2019. The big screen makes the fitness band look too bulky to wear on a daily basis. So, this fitness band caters to a very niche market and its predecessor is a better bang for its bang. But, we still really like this fitness band as long as you can justify the price.

4) Fitbit Inspire HR


At number 4 is the Fitbit Inspire HR. Many people see this as the budget version of the Fitbit Charge 3, which we agree with. This isn’t a bad thing though, as many people these days prefer a lower price in exchange for a few features.

What isn’t lacking though. is the premium build quality you can expect from Fitbit. The fitness band looks very good and when the device is off, it looks like the display is massive. This is sadly not the case. You will probably not have to charge it as it has a long lasting battery. We really like that Fitbit has decided to leave the fitness tracking features as they are on the higher grade model. This means even people that have this model can enjoy all of the fitness tracking features Fitbit offers.

Coming back to the display, the bezels are pretty big compared to the size of the band. The screen can also be unresponsive at some times which means the overall quality of the screen is not perfect. The place where Fitbit has decided to sacrifice at, are the features. The Fitbit Inspire HR does not offer Fitbit Pay which we completely understand. Besides that, this is the go-to fitness band for anyone on a budget.

3) Fitbit Charge 3


Coming to the best fitness band on our list. In our opinion, the Fitbit Charge 3 is the best on the market if you are looking solely for a fitness band, smartwatches excluded. It has the perfect balance between features and looks meaning you can easily wear the Charge 3 on a day to day basis.

This fitness band has a moderately sized screen but since the band has the same width as the screen, this doesn’t look bulky. In fact, this makes the fitness band look very sleek. The fitness band has a lot of fitness tracking features, more than the average user will use and is completely waterproof. It is also very light to the point where you will forget you have it around your wrist after 2-3 hours.

The downside of this fitness band is that there is no GPS tracking. You will need to have your phone with you to make use of GPS. A lot of smartwatches and fitness bands have wireless charging, but the Fitbit Charge 3 still uses a proprietary charger. The only way this is justified is because of the number of features you get for 120$. If you want the best fitness band out there then this is it.

2) Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


In second place is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. This is the sporty and cheaper version of the flagship Samsung Galaxy Watch. Samsung decided to add some fitness features and get rid of some other features to push the price down. We think this is a great move by Samsung to compete with Apple.

Continuing to talk about the price, you won’t find a better smartwatch/fitness band for the same price as the Galaxy Watch Active. Besides this, the watch has a very high-end design meaning you can easily wear this anywhere you go. This allows you to track your day to day fitness even better. The watch comes with a sporty band which is exchangeable if you want to change it up.

One feature we would have liked is LTE since that got removed to make the smartwatch cheaper. We think not having to take your phone with you while doing sports is a massive luxury. Sadly this is not possible with this watch. While you can still use all of the fitness features while offline, you cannot call, message or do anything online which is a shame in 2019.

1) Apple Watch Series 4


Last but not least is our favorite fitness tracker out there. It is the Apple Watch Series 4, that has a few nice upgrades compared to the Series 3. While it is on the pricey side, you won’t find a better smartwatch or fitness tracker right now.

We really like all of the fitness tracking features, with different modes depending on what sport you are doing. When buying the Series 4 you can decide to get the cellular version meaning you can stay connected with the internet without your phone. We also really like the square design as you can display much more information on it than on a circular screen.

We don’t like the steep price of the Apple Watch, which is why we suggest that people on a tighter budget should consider the Apple Watch Series 3. Battery life could also be much better as the watch won’t last longer than 2-3 days with normal use. Basically, this is the best fitness tracker and smartwatch on the market, which is perfect for people who have the cash to spend. You get a lot of advanced features related to fitness and yearly software updates.

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