7 Types Of Gamers You Probably Know


As with anything else in life, gamers come in different variations. Some are very common and others aren’t. Here are the 7 types of gamers you probably know.

The Noob


Starting off this list is the infamous noob. The gamer that has just got the game and has no clue how it works.

While annoying if you are playing a ranked match you can’t get too angry. Remember, you were in the same position when you started playing the game.

Luckily this is not really a type of gamer but more a phase. So, next time you meet a noob in-game try and help them understand the game.

The Toxic Guy

Toxic Gamer

The next gamer is debatibly the most annoying out of the 7 types of gamers. This person ruins the experience for other gamers.

Let’s say you choked in a 1v1, then most people will say that it’s fine. The toxic gamer, on the other hand, will only comment negatively. Sometimes they just randomly start the game negatively.

The best thing to do is that the rest of the team mutes him or ignores him. That will keep the positivity up, which then leads to a better match.

The Pro Player

Pro Gamer

The third type on our list of types of gamers is the complete opposite of the noob. The pro player knows everything about the game.

From grenades and wallbangs in shooter games to hidden spots that make the mission easier in campaign games.

Those things are positive, but the pro player also has a negative aspect. They are just outright better than you in a game which can be very frustrating at times.

Try to become friends with this type of gamer since they can help you improve a lot in a game. This also removes the possibility of you playing against them.

The Rich Kid

Rich Kid

The rich kid is the person with all in-game items no matter how much they cost. The 100$ skin, no problem for this gamer.

No one knows how or why he spends so much money on in-game pixels. But it doesn’t stop there.

This gamers setup is also insane. Triple monitors are a must and they just need the most expensive GPU out there. Even if they don’t use all of the cores on their extreme I9 CPU they still have it.

There is no way to deal with this in a good way since they don’t really effect you. Well maybe make you a bit jealous but that’s all.

The Cheater


Remember when we said that the toxic gamer is debatably the most annoying gamer. Well, this is the type that is competing.

These people just ruin the experience of others without any reason. Not by being better at the game but by using an external program to beat you.

The only positive thing a cheater brings is the feeling that you are so much better than him that he needs to use cheats to beat you.

Sadly there is no way to handle cheaters except for still trying to have fun. Who knows if you really put your head to it you might still be able to beat him.

The Social Gamer

Social Gamer

The most fun person you can meet in a multiplayer game is the social gamer. These gamers are very casual about the game and want to enjoy the experience.

A plus is that these people take the game serious enough to win, while still having fun. If your team is full with these gamers you will definitely enjoy your time with them while still being able to win.

You don’t have to deal with social gamers because they are very friendly. I suggest you to become friends with these people so you can play with them on a regular basis.

The Old Schools

Old School Console

Coming to the last type of gamer, the old school. These are the gamers who loved their youth and still play on the consoles from that time.

They still have the NES, PS1 and maybe even arcade machines. For them, nothing beats the old pixelated graphics and game mechanics.

Not caring for 4k displays and RGB doesn’t mean they don’t spend a lot of money. Old consoles are still very expensive and that will stay that way for a long time.


That was our list of the 7 types of gamers you probably know. We hope you enjoyed our list and now know which type you are.

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