The 7 Everyday Carry Tech Items Everyone Should Own


Everyone these days carries some kind of tech gadgets with them. We call these items everyday carry tech. Here are our 7 favorite everyday carry tech items.

This list is in no particular order as it can differ on a person to person basis what items are better than others.

Bluetooth Tracker – Tile Pro

Tile Pro

The Tile Pro is the most high-end model of the Tile. Firstly, what is a Tile? Tile is a company that makes Bluetooth tracker that you can put on your keys, phone case, wallet and much more. This makes finding lost items easier. There are 3 models: the pro, mate and slim. Considering the price and features we think the Pro is the best model for most people.

This tracker works via Bluetooth. It connects to devices that have Bluetooth enabled to ping its own location. This is then sent to the Tile app on your phone. If you have lost your item in your house, for example, the Bluetooth tracking feature won’t help. Therefore all models also have a pretty loud speaker that can play a sound. This way you can even find the item you’re looking for if it is hidden somewhere.

The Tile Pro has a range of 90m compared to the normal mate’s 45m and the slim’s 30m. The speaker is also much louder than the other 2 models. It is also the only model built with industrial strength material so you won’t have to worry about it breaking. Considering the Pro is not much more expensive than the other 2 models, we think that it is the best Bluetooth item tracker.

Earphones – Airpods


Next up are earphones so you can listen to content during your commute. Most people take public transport or walk to places they need to be. They also like to listen to music, podcasts or anything else you can think of. The point is having earphones will make your commute much more enjoyable.

The reason we have chosen earphones over headphones is that no one wants to carry around big headphones wherever they go. Earphones, like the Airpods we are going to cover now, can easily be put in your pocket, bag or on your desk at work or school. Wile this choice might be controversial we still think the Airpods are the best earphones for daily use. They are wireless, have good sound and amazing battery life.

The obvious downside is that ease of use only works with Apple devices. While using Airpods with an Android device is not bad it is not ideal either. So, if you own a Samsung phone you are better off getting the Galaxy Pods. These are also great wireless earphones but we just prefer Airpods. To conclude, every commute can be much more enjoyable with some wireless earphones.

Bluetooth Speaker – UE Wonderboom

UE Wonderboom

Continuing with the listening category we think having a speaker with you at all times is a great idea. Speakers can help in so many different scenarios, even some that are less obvious. You can use speakers to put on some music when you are with some friends. But, you can also use it to make watching a video with a larger group of people easier.

We like the UE Wonderboom because of its small form factor and amazing sound. The speaker is made by Ultimate Ears, which make 2 of the most popular Bluetooth speakers. This ensures that the sound and build quality is excellent like on their other models. The Wonderboom is quite small for the sound it produces. This is thanks to its circular design meaning it has a 360° sound stage.

The Wonderboom has an IP67 rating meaning it is dustproof and can be submerged in water for about 30 minutes. The small form factor means it is easy to drop into your bag. The Wonderboom is not too expensive coming in at 99$. But the speaker goes on sale quite a lot. So, if you are out and about a lot with friends, the UE Wonderboom can be the most useful thing in your bag.

Power Bank – Anker PowerCore 20100

Anker PowerCore 20100

The next item on our list of the best everyday carry items will power all of your everyday carry tech. This means it might be the most important item on this list. A power bank can be essential for people who are out of their house a lot. We have chosen the Anker PowerCore 20100 as our favorite power bank. It has a capacity of 20100 mAh. This can charge an iPhone XS about 7 and a half times.

This power bank is made by Anker which is known for making very high-end tech products. They make cables, chargers and power banks so they are basically a company that makes high-end accessories. Like we mentioned previously this power bank has an insane battery capacity. The power bank itself is not very big which makes it excellent for everyday carry. It is decently heavy though so you shouldn’t be carrying it in your pocket.

The Anker PowerCore 20100 costs 50$ which is a fair price for what it offers. One feature we really like is that it enables fast charging. This means you can charge your tech item much faster. We don’t really like that Anker has chosen to use USB type-A ports instead of USB type-C. This means you can’t charge MacBooks, nor the newest Android phones.

External Storage – Samsung T5 External SSD

Samsung T5 External SSD

As laptops keep getting thinner but get more performance, they compromise on storage space. This means that a lot of laptops that have a lot of storage space are expensive. This is really bad for content creators as they want a system that performs well but also has a lot of storage space. They can’t upload everything to the cloud as so much storage space costs a lot of money. That’s where external storage comes in.

SSDs have gotten so cheap recently that we are completely ignoring HDDs. And SSDs are much smaller and faster than HDDs making them better for everyday carry. We really like the Samsung T5 SSD which is probably the best portable SSD out there. It is a bit on the pricey side so you can also get another SSD. As long as it is from a company you trust all SSds are more or less pretty similar.

The Samsung T5 is available in 3 colors, black, blue and gold. Like we have already mentioned SSds are pretty small. Especially the T5 which is as big as a credit card. The thing that makes it expensive is its amazing read and write speeds. This enables content creators to work directly off of the SSD instead of constantly having to transfer over the files.

Universal Charging Cable – Chafon Multi USB Cable

Chafon Multi USB Cable

Sadly, we are still dealing with 5 major ports these days. These include USB-C, USB-A, Mini-USB, Micro-USB and Apple’s Lighting Cable. The best way to make sure you have always got the correct cables with you is through adapters. But having multiple adapters can get really annoying and these can be easy to lose. That’s why we think the Chafon Multi USB Cable is perfect for anyone who has multiple devices with different ports.

The Chafon Multi USB Cable is a small cable with the 4 major ports. The USB-A port is the entree cable and the 3 other ports are the exit ones. This means you only need to bring this one cable to charge all of your devices. This can be very useful for people who need their phone, laptop and speaker every day. Then they can sue this one cable to charge all of their devices using a power bank or outlet.

This small accessory can be bought online for under 10$ and fits in any bag. There is no reason why you shouldn’t drop this in your bag as it is small and very cheap. Even if you don’t need all of the ports on the cable, you might save someone who has forgotten his adapter.

Cable Organizer – Bagsmart Pomona Electronic Organizer

Bagsmart Pomona Electronic Organizer

After having talked about the 6-in-1 adapter, you need a place to store it and all of your other charging cables. While you can just throw them into your bag, this is not the way we advise you to do it. Cables can break and get lost very easily this way. We suggest you neatly put them into a cable organizer like the Bagsmart Pomona Electronic Organizer.

This relatively small case easily fits into any bag and keeps all of your cable secure. What we like about the Bagsmart Pomona Electronic Organizer is that it can fit a lot of stuff and is made out of nice material. Not only can you fit a lot of cables into the case, but the case also has special compartments for the Apple Magic Mouse, SD card, batteries and pens. This makes it perfect for travelers or people who need all of these things regularly.

This means you only need to take out your laptop and this case and you have got everything you need. You have your SD cards, mouse and charging cables all in one case. Then, once you are are ready to head home yous imply put everything into the case, zip it up and head home.

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