6 Chrome Extensions To Improve Productivity


With more and more people working on the internet it is important to stay productive. Here are the 6 chrome extensions to improve productivity.



For people who write a lot, it is important to improve every day. Grammarly is basically an advanced grammar and spell checker. It has a free and paid version, with the paid version will set you back between 30$-12$ depending on the plan you choose.

Grammarly’s free version will correct you on basic punctuational, grammatical and spelling mistakes. This is enough for most people’s day to day writing. If you need anything more professional then the premium version a better choice for you.

The professional version will correct you on word choice, check for plagiarism and check you on advanced punctuation, grammar and spelling. Like we already mentioned, this is for people who depend on the quality of their writing.

If you are going to go for the premium version, then it is easy to save a lot of money by going for the annual plan. This only being 12$ monthly instead of 30$ if you want to pay for Grammarly on a monthly bases.



LastPass is an extension and application that stores all of your passwords in one safe place. LastPass will also give you feedback on your passwords. They have multiple different versions, ranging all the way from a free version, to an enterprise version. We will only cover the free and premium version here.

The things both of these have in common is that they are intended to be used by only one person. If you need multiple people to access LastPass you would need to upgrade to at least the family version.

Besides some better customer support, there is only one big difference between the free and premium version. That is 1GB encrypted file storage. If you don’t already have encrypted file storage, then this would also be a very good reason to upgrade.

Anyway, LastPass is a program that stores and gives you the ability to autofill your passwords. To access LastPass you will need to enter one “master” password. For people who don’t have a good way to remember complex passwords but want their accounts safe, LastPass is a definite must-have chrome extension.



One problem with trying to be productive is having a lot of things to do. Managing these things can be a real hassle. An online to do list manager like Todoist will help you with this.

Todoist, like the 2 previously mentioned extensions, also has a paid and free version. This is the only extension where I would really recommend the paid version.

The free version has very little useful feature, while the paid version adds a lot of useful stuff. One of these things is labels which help you organize your tasks.

The thing we like about Todoist is that you can type your task in day to day language. The extension then transforms it into a task with a due date.

For example, you could type: Write 300 words every Monday.

This would then create a task that tells you to write 300 words every Monday. Besides this, the extension also tracks your completion percentage and much more. Basically, the perfect place to manage all of your tasks.



Papier is the German word for paper. As the name suggests, the extension acts like a piece of paper. This is very handy for people with lots of ideas. You won’t need to open an application for this though.

Papier is an extension that changes the function of a new tab slightly. Every time you open a new tab you get a blank text editor. This is the place where you can right down all of your ideas. As it is automatically saved in Chrome you will never loose anything you’ve written down.

When you are done writing you can just use the tab as you would normally. Then, the next time you open a new tab, the things you have written down magically appear again.

The only downside we could think of is, that you won’t be able to access your notes offline. This is the case since all of the data is saved in Chrome’s database which is only accessible via the internet. So, if you don’t mind that your notes aren’t accessible offline, then there is no real reason not to use Papier.



A lot of people have problems staying focused when setting out to be productive. This is mainly because there are so many distracting things on the internet. While you can promise yourself you won’t go on Reddit or YouTube while you are productive, we all know you are just lying to yourself.

So, the only and best way to fight this problem is to block those websites. StayFocusd is an extension that lets you block certain websites, sub-domains and even categories. Basically, it has incredible customization options.

Being free is also one the biggest advantageous, meaning you won’t need to pay to be focused. The part we like most about the customization is that you can set certain days and times that you want certain websites to be blocked.

This is really handy if you would like to be productive at a certain time every day, every second day, etc. You won’t need to activate and deactivate the extension yourself.



Since a lot of important documents are being written and transferred online these days, we as people have encountered some problems. The biggest being signing the document. If you a physical copy you can easily write on it with a pen, this is not as easy on an online document.

DocuSign is a program that inserts your autograph into any document you want. You only need to insert your autograph once into the extension. Then, whenever you need your autograph, you simply pull up the extension and select your autograph.

The downside is the price. With no free option, although there is a 30-day free trial, this is more for people on the business end. It doesn’t make sense to pay 10$ a month just to make signing consumer grade documents. This is really meant for people singing things for big companies.

If you choose one of the advanced plans, you also get access to mobile signing, reminders and more features. To conclude, the reason this extension is at the bottom of our list is that it is only useful for people working in big companies.


So, here where the 6 extensions that we use to enhance our productivity online. We hope you will be more productive when using these extensions.

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