The 5 Most Useful Adobe Creative Cloud Apps


Everyone knows how many apps Adobe Creative Cloud has. This means you might not know which ones are the best. So, here are the 5 most useful apps.



The first and most popular Adobe CC app is Photoshop. Anyone who has ever dipped their foot into graphic design has probably used Photoshop. This app is probably so popular because of how easy it is to use. This does not hinder what you can accomplish with it though. Basically, Photoshop is good for beginners and advanced graphic designers.

So, let’s cover what Photoshop is. It is meant to be an image editing software, but most people use it for graphic design. Anything from logo all the way to UI design, you will probably be able to do this it using Photoshop. A lot of professionals use other software, such as Adobe Illustrator to create things, and then put all of the elements together in Photoshop to create one picture.

If you want to edit photos, this can also be done easily. Photoshop has so many different features, that some people even have an extra external keyboard just for shortcuts. This is also the thing we don’t like about it. Sometimes, the many features and tools it has can get overwhelming for beginners. But, luckily there are a lot of different tutorials on YouTube to show beginners the basics of what they want to do with Photoshop.

Like we have mentioned previously, the thing we like about Photoshop is that it is very easy to use without compromising more advanced features. So, we think Photoshop is one of the most useful apps because you can use it for a huge variety of tasks. From making animations to logo design and more.



The next app on our list is Adobe Illustrator. This is a more advanced graphic design application, so it might be difficult for beginners to get started. Illustrator, unlike Photoshop, focuses more on graphic design alone which means that it is easier to create more advanced artworks. A lot of artists, who want to make digital art, will choose Illustrator because you have more control. By this we mean you can customize shapes much easier, for example.

A small thing we really like about Illustrator is that you can draw outside of your canvas. So, if you are using a color palette you can draw each different color outside of your canvas. This makes switching from color much easier. Generally, more advanced graphic design is very easy once you know what tools to use. Coming back to how difficult it is to get started doing things in Adobe Illustrator. If you have just come from another graphic design software like Photoshop, you will think that Illustrator will be easy to use. But that is the problem, Illustrator has more advanced features. This can be great if you need more advanced tools but bad for beginners just wanting to see what Illustrator is all about.

Basically, Illustrator is focused on digital art, and not graphic design. You can physically draw something instead of using shapes. We would suggest any graphic designer who doesn’t want to rely on shapes to try Adobe Illustrator.

Premiere Pro


Adobe Premiere Pro is not only one of the most useful creative cloud apps but it is also competing to be the best video editing software out there. Any video editor pretty much uses either Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, and both only run on one operating system. So, Premiere Pro has a monopoly on the windows video editing software market meaning it needs to be an almost perfect product. And it is.

Like with a lot of professional software, it takes some time to master it but once you do it is totally worth it. Beginners might not have a good time with Premiere Pro at first since you need to learn what the majority of tools do. If you don’t understand what any of them do it’s very difficult to use Premiere Pro in a proper way. Apart from that, we dislike that all files you are still editing or templates in Premiere Pro itself get deleted if you quit your Adobe subscription.

The thing we like most is that you can run Premiere Pro on both MacOS and Windows, so no matter what OS you are using you can continue editing your project. This makes editing one file with multiple really easy even if everyone uses a different OS. We suggest Premiere Pro to any video editor out there. If you are on windows then this is basically your only good choice. If your system runs MacOS we still suggest you try Premiere Pro and compare it to Final Cut Pro to see which one you prefer.



The next app on our list very useful to anyone who works with audio. Adobe Audition is one of the best audio editors out there. Its main selling point is how easy it can fix and recover sound. Apart from that, it has a built-in audio recorder and has a lot of tools to edit audio for a video. A lot of content creators use Audition as an extra to their video editing software.

Music producers won’t enjoy Audition since it doesn’t have MIDI support. While they can use Audition to edit their music when it’s done, this app is focused more on noise reduction and sound restoration. Audition also adheres to the TV broadcast standard for audio, meaning any professionals working on a TV project won’t need to worry about that. This app also includes thousands of royalty free loops and sound effects which are perfect for content creators.

Like we mentioned earlier, Audition is focused on audio editing which means a lot of tools are focused on that as well. The nice thing about the Adobe Suite is that all the apps work together perfectly. So if you are working on a project in Premiere Pro and need to edit the audio, you can transfer it seamlessly to Audition. Any content creator or podcast owner who wants a professional experience should definitely try Adobe Audition. The reason we say try is that, like all Adobe Products, Audition is pretty expensive long term.

After Effects


Last but not least is Adobe After Effects, this is an app used to make very advanced animations. Many people see it as the Photoshop of After Effects because of how many essential and advanced tools it has. This, combined with Premiere Pro, is probably on any content creator’s wish list. After Effects can be very tough to learn though. Because of its advanced tools, it can take weeks to make your first good animations. So, this might not be the best place for a beginner animator to start.

After Effects doesn’t only need you to know how to use it, but it also needs a very powerful machine. If you are planning to run After Effects on a laptop, expect your workflow to be slow and render times to get very long. This will only get worse as you get better and better at using After Effects. Since more advanced tools used, means more things your computer need to render/handle.

This might be the only app, apart from Photoshop, where we say the steep monthly subscription is worth it. This is because you can create cinema ready animations once you know how to use After Effects properly. Any professional content creator should really use After Effects, otherwise, you won’t be able to do a certain thing you might need/want.


To conclude, these were the 5 most useful Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Which of these apps do you use and like the most?

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