Used Electronics Guide | Should You Buy Used Electronics?


The electronics industry is getting more expensive day by day. This leads to the average person not being able to afford the tech they want.

The solution to a lot of people is to buy from the second hand market. Today we are going to cover if you should buy used electronics.

The Risks Of Buying Second-Hand

Sadly the used market is full of people who wan’t to rip you off. By that I mean scammers. Luckily a lot of used market sites are minimizing the damage giving you a full refund if you have not received the item.

The best way to check if someone is a scammer, is to check how long they have been active for. Most scammers will not have an account that is older than 1-4 weeks.

Another way to prevent getting scammed is to choose the mentioned money back guarantee at check-out. Most big websites offer this. The best way though, is to physically pick up the item you have bought and pay the person in cash.

Defect electronics are also seen very frequently. The seller will say that the product works but won’t show any proof. The best way to prevent this is very similar to how to prevent scammers. Going to the seller and testing the product will ensure it works.

Luckily the majority of sellers actually intend to sell their working electronics to you.

Benefits of buying Second-Hand

Luckily there are a lot of benefits when buying second hand electronics that out weigh the risks for most people.

The major benefit is how much you will pay. You can find a lot of second-hand tech for around 50% of the original price, and if you are lucky even less! Although the product will have been used by another person for some time this will probably not affect it’s performance.

Then there are the sellers that have tech they rarely use. These are my favorite type of deals since they are rarely used, 1-4 months old usually, but very cheap. You can easily save 30% on your purchase, but again with some look and patience that number and go up towards the 50%-60%.

If you don’t really care about how the product looks a lot of people also sell scratched or dented tech. Mostly on the corners of a laptop or a scratch on the face of a console.

Even if the aesthetics bother you, you can cover up the scratches/dents with a sick wrap or case, hiding the scratches. No one will know that the product is second hand but your wallet will thank you for the cash you have saved.

Reputable Second-Hand Websites

A very good method to minimize the risks of buying used electronics is to buy from a reputable site. Newegg and eBay just to name two.

Although these sites operate through person to person selling they have very good customer support and cash back rules that support both the seller and the buyer.

You don’t necessarily need to buy your tech from these major international websites. You can also buy from your national second-hand market place or even Facebook. A lot of countries, especially in Europe, have their own popular website for used products.

Facebook is also a great place to find used electronics. You can find sellers near you so that you can go test and pick up your purchase eliminating most of the risks.


Refurbished vs Used

More and more companies have a system where you can bring back your electronics and get a discount on your next purchase., This leads to a lot of companies refurbishing these products and re-selling them.

Most major companies like Apple do this, which is a great way to save a few hundred bucks. Although you don’t save as much money as you would buying second-hand from another person, buying refurbished is much safer.

Refurbished items are sometimes scratched while still being under warranty by the previous owner. So, if you are willing to live with a scratch or a dent in your product and don’t want to take any risks then go for refurbished.

Sadly, refurbished products are mostly laptops, phones and gaming gear. This means if you need anything that isn’t really out of the box like a CPU or GPU you will probably not be able to find a refurbished version.

So, if you just need a new controller or laptop and but don’t want to pay full price for the newest products, then go ahead and buy refurbished. Just make sure it is from a reputable seller like the company that manufactures it.

If you want to save more money and don’t mind looking out to prevent risks then the used market is for you.


To conclude, if you don’t care about the aesthetics or unboxing when buying electronics then the used market is for you. Luckily this isn’t as risky as it used to be since a lot of sites are preventing scammers.

Just remember in person and cash is always the safest.

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