RGB Lighting Guide | How Not To Over-Do It


RGB is not avoidable anymore and a lot of people like it. So instead of trying to get rid of RGB, this guide teaches you how to use RGB correctly.

Why People Hate RGB

So let’s talk about where the hate for RGB comes from.

The people who hate RGB have been “traumatized” by the old RGB components, like cheap case fans. They then proceed to never even consider an RGB product.

The lighting has changed a lot recently. Those old RGB case fans have been replaced with beautiful RGB case fans. You won’t find a lot of the old lighting that people hate, but some people still hate it when it’s over-done.

Why People Like RGB

The most obvious reason people like RGB is because it is the customization aspect. With 16.7 million colors to choose from this is understandable.

Another reason is that it can add the extra pop a setup needs.

A lot of minimalist setups have RGB lighting turned off during the day when they are productive. And turned on at night when they start gaming, completely changing the mood and look of the setup.

RGB is also kind of a trend, and people like to be part of a group meaning they follow a trend.

How to RGB

While everything in your setup can have RGB, having too much doesn’t look good. You will see a lot of setups with all of the hardware set to a rainbow spin. If you want to do that then a lot of RGB is good.

If you only want to add a pop to your setup then only have the main products in an RGB variant, plus 1-2 RGB strips. The main parts would be the mouse, keyboard and some PC parts.

Coming to your PC, you can’t have to much RGB since everything flows good together. So go ahead, buy some RGB RAM and LED strips to make your PC light up.

Make sure that everything that has RGB is not that cheap kind of lighting. Buy the products from one of the big brands like Corsair, Razor etc. This will ensure the lightin will look good.

When setting the colors of each product it is important to make sure that the colors look good together. Try and choose the colors that fit with your desktop background and desk.

To finish off the how to part, here is a small guideline:

Try to use RGB as an add-on not and not as the main feature of your setup.

Gaming Peripherals

What Not To RGB

Coming back to what we mentioned earlier, about that not everything needs to be RGB. This is the hardware that will ruin your setup if it has RGB.

RGB chairs are something that doesn’t really affect you when you are at your setup. You can’t see your chair while sitting on it so this just wastes money and adds an extra wire that you need to cable manage.

Any other piece of hardware that has old or cheap lighting should also be avoided. Like we mentioned in this post already, old or cheap lighting ruins your setup so just avoid it.


So to conclude, cheap and old RGB lighting has affected RGB lighting’s reputation for a lot of people. If you want to include Lighting in your setup keep in mind that it should not be the main part of your setup but an add-on.

If you can turn the lights off and your setup still looks as good as with them on, then you have successfully used RGB as an add-on.

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