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A lot of people do more work online. The best place to do this is at your own setup. Here is how to make the perfect productivity setup.

Best Place For Your Setup

The first thing you need to decide on when building your productivity setup is where it will be located. With this, we mean in what room, where in the room, etc. You might ask yourself why this would be important but you’ll understand that later on.

The best place to have the setup is somewhere with a lot of natural light. This will boost productivity during the day since a lot of natural light is important for you. That is also the reason why the setup should preferably be next to a large, or multiple windows. Don’t build the setup in a way that you will face it, this could make your view very distracting.

Desk Space

Being in an open space will also make you feel more relaxed. This also gives you the opportunity to stand up and walk around easily without leaving the room. So, in a large open room next to a large window would be the perfect place. Of course, we know that this is not possible for everyone, so try and have at least one of these points.

The Essentials

After having chosen the place for your setup to be, you need some stuff to put on your desk. Basically, what products you should have on your desk to help you be, and stay, productive.

First of all, you need a PC or a laptop. This will be the main part of your setup. Next, you will need a keyboard and mouse. A separate mouse and keyboard are much more ergonomic than your laptop’s keyboard and trackpad. If you are using a PC you don’t have any other choice. How to choose a keyboard and mouse will be covered further on.

Even though it is very easy to take notes and write down ideas on your digital device. This is still more complicated than an ordinary notepad. That is why we recommend you to have notepad or notebook to write down ideas, tasks, etc. This will you to write down more since you won’t have to open up an application on your laptop, PC or phone. If you need other things specific to the project you are working, then you can put that on your desk or near your setup as well,

Keboard & Mouse

There are a lot of great keyboard and mice depending on what your needs are. If you use a lot of shortcuts, a mouse with a lot of buttons and a keyboard with a lot of macro keys will be much better. If you only need to type, then a simple keyboard and mouse will be more than enough. You also need to decide on what type of keys you want. There are 3 major options: mechanical switches, membrane switches and scissor switches.

Mechanical switches are found in a lot of gaming keyboards. These are known for a very low actuation point which means the key has to travel less time for it to be recognized. Since we are talking about productivity, you might choose these switches as a lot of people like the feel of them. Most of the keyboards that have mechanical switches, also have macro keys for you to program.

Membrane switches can be found in any generic office keyboard. You probably own a keyboard with a membrane switch in it. These switches feel like a cheap and turned down version of a mechanical switch. I would only use this type of switch if you really like the feel, or if you have one laying around and don’t want to spend money on a new keyboard.

Scissor switches are found in most laptops. They are low profile meaning the keyboard will also be a lot thinner. A lot of people, myself included, think that these are the best switches to type on. The only problem some people might see is that most keyboards with scissor switches don’t have any macros. Also, there are not a lot of good scissor switch keyboards.

Mouse And Keyboard

Mice are less complicated. You basically have the choice between a mouse with the basic buttons, some buttons or a lot of buttons. The best way to choose is to go into a store and try out a lot of mice. Then choose one depending on which one feels the best and has the appropriate number of buttons.

As a side note, if you are using an Apple laptop or PC I would strongly recommend you to buy the Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard. You can use gestures on the Magic Mouse and we recommend the Magic Keyboard for people who are looking for a scissor switch keyboard


Mechanical Keyboard: Corsair K95 Platinum

Scissor Switch Keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard

Mouse With The Basic Buttons: Apple Magic Mouse 2

Mouse With Some Buttons:Logitech MX Master 2S

What Should Not Be Around Your Setup?

We have now covered what you should have around your setup and where it should be. The next and last thing you need to know is what not to have around the desk. These are things that distract you a lot, keeping you from being productive.


We won’t cover every item one by one specifically, instead, this should give you an idea of what can distract you. This might sound weird but having your phone near you is the worse thing you can do. Social media and notifications make it very difficult to concentrate. If you really can’t lay your phone somewhere else, then turn off notifications.

Besides that, keep away anything else that you think will distract you. this can include a TV, gaming console, etc. The best option is to keep things very minimal and only have things around you that you really need.


This was our productivity setup guide. We hope you have learned what to and what not to include in your setup. Good luck being productive.

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