Multi-Monitor Guide | How Many Monitors Do I Need?


The question all of you are gonna face one-day, how many monitors do I need? Sadly, there is no concrete answer to that question. So we decided to make a guide dedicated to answering that question.

Monitor Mounting

Before you can go ahead and buy you monitor/s you need a good way to mount them. If you only use one monitor there is really no need to mount it, so you can use the included stand.

There are 2 ways of mounting monitors, wall mounting and desk mounting.

One thing both methods have in common is that they use a mounting mechanism called VESA.

Most monitors these days are compatible with VESA mounts, and for the ones that aren’t you can find enough adapters.

Wall mounts look the cleanest in my opinion since they give monitors the floating look.

On the other side, wall mounting is also more work, needing to attach the mount to a wall. Also, you will need a place to route the monitor cables otherwise you will lose the mentioned floating look.

Desk mounts, on the other hand, are less work but not as clean. You only need to attach the mount to your desk via a clamp, then the monitor to the mount and that’s it.

This looks less clean because of the, mostly thick, metal bar behind your monitor down to your desk.

An advantage is that you can easily hide cables behind that. If you want to know more about cable management, read our cable management guide.

Single Monitor Setup

Single Monitor

This is probably what most of us have. One monitor in the middle of our desk. If you are having trouble with choosing a desk, go read our guide on that.

This is usually, and rightfully so, coupled with the included monitor stand. If you are rocking a single monitor setup I don’t recommend you buying a desk mount.

One huge benefit of having a single monitor is simplicity. There is nothing more minimalistic than one monitor on a clean desk.

The most obvious negative is that you are limited with what you can do. This might not affect gamers a lot, but it does affect the work industry

Dual Monitor Setup

Dual Monitors

A dual monitor setup benefits everyone who focuses on productivity when using their setup.

This is because they have the luxury of having the extra real estate which most people can take advantage of.

For gamers, this also might be beneficial since they can put up a game on one screen and

So for people who are not sure what the best is for them I recommend them to go for 2. It is almost only the perfect amount.

When having 2 monitors you can mount them in all different ways. The most popular are above each other and next to each other.

Horizontal Mounting

You will need a wall mount like the Wali Universal Dual Monitor Wall Mount. And as a desk mount. I suggest The Wali Universal Dual Monitor Desk Mount.

The benefit of mounting 2 monitors next to each other is that the one in the middle can be used as the main monitor. Let’s say for your game or your essay.

The monitor off to the side of the main monitor can then be used as a secondary monitor, for your voice chat software or reaserch.

The negative side to mounting the monitors next to each other is lack of symmetry.

Vertical Mounting

If the lack of symmetry annoys you then you could opt for the stack monitor style. I find this to be more aesthetic but less productive.

Not a lot of people go for this way of mounting since this only benefits your setup aesthetically.

The Vivo Dual Monitor Vertical Mount is a simple but great monitor arm.

Triple Monitor Setup

Triple Monitors

Triple monitor setups pretty much only benefits content creators like streamers or YouTubers.

These people benefit from having the extra screen real estate. For example, streamers can have their game on the middle monitor, the recording software on the left and the stream chat on the right.

Basically, people who need a lot of stuff open at once will need at least 3 monitors.

The only downside is that these take up a lot of space. Three monitors also cost more since you need 3x the amount of monitors than a single monitor setup.

I would not suggest mounting three monitors on a desk mount since this is very heavy. Some desks might bend over time because of the added weight. I suggest three AmazonBasics Monitor Wall Mounts.

A small thing you need to keep in mind when choosing to run a triple monitor setup is if your GPU can handle this.

Most newer GPUs can handle three 1080p monitors. The problem might come up when trying to run three 4k monitors or a game and a video editing program at the same time.


So to conclude, if you are a streamer or use many windows at the same time go for the triple monitor setup. Otherwise, if you are just the casual gamer you will be fine with one monitor.

For the people who need to be productive or gamers who want an extra screen, I recommend choosing a dual monitor setup.

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