Multi-Console Setup Guide | How To Use Multiple Consoles


Since every console has its own pros and cons, some gamers prefer one console over the others. But why limit yourself to one console.

This guide shows you how to use multiple consoles in your setup

Benefits Of Having Multiple Consoles

The major benefit of owning multiple consoles is that you will never be “excluded”. Do you have friends with a PS4, no problem you do as well. Do you have friends with a PC, also not a problem because you have them all.

Like mentioned in the intro every console has it’s pros and cons with the main one being exclusive games. By having most consoles you will be able to enjoy every game.

This also makes life easier when trying to pick a console. You simply don’t, no need to compare and look for which one is better for your needs.

Basically having multiple consoles won’t limit you when you are gaming.

We know that the average gamer can’t afford to buy all of the consoles that exist. Like it or not we aren’t made out of money. So now we are going to cover the 3 main consoles.

Xbox and Playstation

PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro is the newest iteration of the PS4. With all-around better performance than the PS4 slim and introducing 4K to the Playstation, this is a must for multi-console setups.

The Playstation has the one-off exclusive game that might interest some gamers. Light mentioned previously though, the main reason to buy multiple consoles is to be able to play with all of your friends.

Xbox One X

With the Xbox One X being Microsoft’s equivalent to the PS4 Pro there is no reason to buy one over the other. But we are not here to compare these two consoles.

With the Xbox being having one of the largest player bases you can’t be that one friend without one. The Xbox also has better exclusive games in my opinion. My favorite one being the Forza Horizon series.


Oh here comes the great and mighty PC master race. It is very understandable why most gamers choose the PC over the PS4 and Xbox One. It has more customization and is a better bang for your buck.

The benefits of having a PC is pure customization and freedom. No Software that limits you from doing things. A lot of single-player only gamers will choose the PC because modding is much easier than on other consoles.

In my opinion, having a PC is the ultimate upgrade for any hardcore gamer since the PC performs much better.

Mounting Multiple Consoles

After talking about the benefits of having multiple consoles and the 3 main platforms, let’s come to how to actually mount them.

Depending on if you want to hide or showcase you consoles you can do multiple things. If you want to hide the consoles you will have to mount/place them somewhere out of sight.

The best way to do this is in a drawer. For this, you will need to cut holes in the drawer so the cables can run to and from your console. You can try and also build your PC into a drawer but I wouldn’t recommend this.

Your consoles will already have heating problems because of the limited airflow. So if you go this route build your PC in a mini-ITX case, more about that in our PC case guide.

The much easier way is to mount your consoles in a good looking way. Meaning wall mounting the consoles and having a clean looking, preferably small PC case.

There are Xbox One wall mounts and PS4 wall mounts available on amazon. Then the choice is yours where you will mount the consoles.

Coming to cable management. The simplest way to hide cables is to use cable raceways that go from the console behind your desk. For more detail read our cable management guide.

Minimal Multi-Console Setup

Connecting Multiple Consoles To Your Monitor

While we would all want 3 4K 27-inch monitors to connect a monitor to each console that just isn’t very realistic for most people. So we will have to do with connecting all 3 to 1 monitor.

While you can connect the 3 consoles to 3 HDMI ports on your monitors, to get the most out of 4K you will need to connect to a display-ports. Currently, there are no monitors with 3 display-ports.

So, we will have to do with something else. That something else is a display-port switcher. Sadly, display-port switchers with 3 ports are very expensive.

So, the cheap solution is to look for a monitor with 2 display-ports. The buy a hub for your Xbox One and PS4 which goes into one port and your PC into the other.

Alternatively, you could opt out for only 2 consoles but that kind of defeats the purpose of a multi-console setup.


While having multiple consoles isn’t cheap it is definitely worth the experience for most people. We hope we have helped you in building your multi-console setup. Why not send us your setup at our setup showcase.

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