Minimalist Setup Guide | How To Keep Things Minimal


While some people don’t care about how minimal they are, others do and these are minimalists.

The main point of minimalism simple and clean things.

So, this is how to keep your setup minimal.

The Don’ts

Most guides start with what you need. The thing with minimalism is that you don’t need a lot, so its easier to list what you don’t need.

First of all get rid of all the crap that’s on your desk. Random papers, trash and other stuff you don’t need.

One of the things you need to stop doing is to use your desk as storage. Meaning you don’t put you keys or cash on your desk when you come home.

If you are having trouble with this, get a desk with drawers too put your extra stuff. For example, when you come home, put your keys in the drawer and not on your desk.

Try and only keep the essentials on your desk.

Messy Setup

The Do’s

The first thing you need to do is to stop doing the don’ts. If any of the previously mentioned things applies to you sort that out first.

Secondly, start worrying about what you really need on your desk.

A Monitor

A PC/Laptop

A Mouse

A Keyboard

Those are technically the only things you need on your desk. Anything else is extra. Well, you could argue that you need speakers and/or a microphone.

If you need a keyboard, mouse or microphone check out one of our reviews.

Also, try to have a lot of wireless hardware since wires aren’t very minimalistic. Alternatively, you can read our guide on cable management.

A little bonus tip is to try and have a lot of white in your setup. White is a typical minimalist color, but don’t overuse it.

As for wall art, try to limit the amount to 1-2 posters. Make sure these are framed neatly and hung at an appropriate spot.

Most minimal setups have one monitor. If one monitor is not enough space for you, you can use an ultra-wide since these almost have as much space as 2 separate monitors.

The last thing you can do to create a minimalistic setup is to keep things simple.

Minimal Peripherals


After reading the do’s and dont’s you might ask what hardware looks minimalistic.

Here are some products that can help you keep things minimal:

Mini-ITX PC Case – Corsair Crystal 280X

One huge eyecatcher on most peoples setup is a huge PC case. A solution to this is a mini-ITX case. These are small PC cases which look very clean and take up less space.

The problem is that you can be limited to what components you use. Putting the PC together is also more difficult than normal.

Phone Stand – Lamicall Phone Stand

We all have phones and a phone stand looks very modern. at least if you have a modern minimal phone stand.

The Lamicall Phone Stand is nothing special so there is not much to say about it. It functions well and looks clean and simple.

That’s why we also recommended it in our must-have desk accessories list.


To conclude, minimal setups don’t have too much to them as the name suggests. The main point to keep in mind is only the essentials.

Well, good luck in making a minimal setup.

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