The Man Cave Guide | The Ultimate Cave For Your Crew


The man cave, a place where he can chill with his buddies and forget about his obligations. I’m now going to show you how you can make your own man cave. 


The location part is more for the guys out there who have already settled down in a house with their family. For the young adults or people who haven’t settled down yet. You can still follow the rest of this guide by applying this guide to your whole house/apartment.

So, if you have a shed that would be the best place to set up your man cave. No need for soundproofing and it is kind of separated from the rest of your house. Only negative for most people is that the shed can’t be used for storage anymore.

Alternatively, you can also use the basement. While also having the negative of losing storage space it can be nice to still be in your house while hanging out with your buddies. Most peoples basements are also bigger than sheds making this a better option if you want more room.

I would use the basement because it is already isolated saving me a lot of time.


Every chilling are needs some kind of furniture. From sofas to bean bags we’ll give you the best option.

To begin with we need a sofa. You can go with almost any sofa because it is depended on your price range and what you like. I suggest the Vig Furniture T57B. Although on the expensive side it will surely make you comfortable.

Next, we need some beanbags to sit on when you are tired of sitting on your sofa. I love the Chill Sack because it is absolutely huge. I think you should put these either next to or in front of your sofa.

Of coarse we can’t forget the table. The essential part where all of you food and drinks will sit. Any table is good but if you want to go all out you can build your own table and customise it to your liking.

To finish off get a simple small kitchen with a worktop. You might want some drawers for your food that doesn’t need cooling. Also, place the items we will discuss later in your kitchen.


Getting to the fun part, the things you will enjoy most. Some people like modern entertainment forms like video games and tv shows. Some, on the other hand, want the traditional poker. We have decided to go for bot.

Starting old school. The pool table, there are so many out there so we looked for a simple one. We chose the Mizerak Donovan. It has a nice red cloth and is on the bigger side of things.

The Lancaster Deluxe 10 man poker table is an absolute must. Lancaster also offers a normal version but that one doesn’t have led lighting built in. For all the non-poker players out there you can use this table for any other card game.

The accessories you will need is a poker set which you probably have and an automatic card shuffler. The card shuffler is just a nice addition.

As for the modern part, you will need a place to watch movies and play games. Instead of spending tons of money on a huge OLED TV you are better of getting a projector.

Yes, they are also expensive, but you can project on a screen of 120 inches at the same resolution. We think the new LG projector is very good. Also, add a projector screen which will make your projected content look cleaner.


Continuing with the modern entertainment leads us to gaming. While it’s not for everyone a lot of people do like it.

Connecting the projector with a console of your choice makes your entertainment part complete. I would personally get both the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

Mounting these is all up to you. For me, the perfect way to mount them is on the wall, one console on each side of the projector screen. Wall mounts are available for the PS4 here, and Xbox One X here.

When playing on a console you also need controllers. Instead of putting them in a drawer why not wall mount them next to your console. Just mount the controller stands to the wall and place the controllers on there.

To finish the gaming area you need to add a dedicated space for PC gaming. Are you struggling to choose the perfect desk read our desk guide. If you want help making everything look neat also read our cable management guide.



The essential things to keep you and your buddies satisfied. Food and drinks.

Let’s start off with food. You don’t want to complicated stuff so how about you just chuck some hotdogs into the fridge and a have a special drawer for popcorn and chips.

To heat up to hotdogs we have a hotdog grill which you can neatly place in your kitchen.

We love popcorn so we decided to suggest the popcorn machine which you can find in cinemas.

For extras, you can put other foods you like in drawers, the freezer or in your fridge. That is the main reason we suggested you get a kitchen.


You can’t just put your lovely beverages in the fridge with your food. You need a dedicated drinks fridge.

We like the Danby 120 Can fridge because of its simple design. This gives you the ability to customize the fridge to match your man cave.

For the people who don’t think money is a problem, you can get every man’s dream. A personal bar tap. Add this to your kitchen and all of your buddies will be jealous.


Lighting can control the mood in any way shape or form. That’s why we suggest Fitting your whole room with Phillips Hue lights. These are controllable with your phone and even work with voice commands.

Put hue strips along the meeting point of your wall and ceiling making one long line. This gives your ceiling a cool glow.

Replace the rest of your light bulbs in your room with hue bulbs. You can also add custom LED signs on the walls but that is up to you. Here are two examples.

Man Cave Sign

Bar Sign

The fanatic sports fans can also put up LED signs of their favorite sports teams.


To finish off your man cave add some extras to your man cave. Here are a few examples of cool stuff you can add.

Dart Board

Custom Name Man Cave Wall Decal

Bar Stools

When your man cave is done, you might want to post it to our setup showcase section to see what we and the community think of it.

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