Jailbreaking Guide | A Full Guide To Jailbreaking​ IOS


The issue many people have with IOS is that it is not very customizable. Well, ever since the first iPhone there has been a solution to this, jailbreaking.

Is Jailbreaking safe

Starting off, many people had doubts with jailbreaking concerning security. This is because you are changing the root files of your iPhone. This is where all of the important files concerning the privacy and security of the device is stored.

While these people were right to doubt jailbreaking at the beginning, jailbreaking has become much more secure nowadays. Even going as far as the latest jailbreak not changing any system files. These types of jailbreaks are called untethered Jailbreaks. You can see them as a visual modification to IOS instead of rewriting the root files.

Untethered Jailbreak

This means the 2 major security concerns are not relevant anymore. The software’s security systems like the firewall are not modified meaning they are as secure as a non-jailbroken device. This removes all external threats to your iPhone. As none of the root files are modified the stability of IOS remains the same. Thus the second major threat, bugs in the software, is also irrelevant.

Lastly, it is important to not that jailbreaking a device does void the warranty from Apple. While it has been harder for Apple to detect if a device has been jailbroken, because of untethered jailbreaks, it is still possible. So, if you have any doubts about jailbreaking and are worried about the warranty then no, jailbreaking is not safe. Otherwise, it is almost as safe as normal IOS.

How To Jailbreak

Ok, so now we now that jailbreaking is pretty safe. The next question is, how do you jailbreak your device. Well, this used to be pretty complicated but it is very easy to do now. The first jailbreaks needed a computer or laptop that was connected to your phone. Then you had to transfer a modified version of IOS on to your device which was pretty difficult.

Unc0ver Download

Luckily you can now do everything via your device. The latest jailbreak, IOS 12, uses an app. This app is called Unc0ver and is made by the pwn20wnd team. As this is an untethered jailbreak you will need to re-jailbreak your device after every reboot. This is kind of annoying but jailbreaking is as simple as pressing a button in the Unc0ver app.

There are 3 steps that you will need to take. The first step is to delete any waiting to install software updates. You can do this in your device’s storage management. Then you need to sign up and install the latest tvOS beta onto your iPhone so IOS does not look for new updates.

Download the Unc0ver app via Tweakbox. To do this you need to navigate to the Tweakbox apps section and scroll all the way to the bottom. Once you have done that, tap on “get” and you will get an install popup. Once the app has installed, navigate to your Profiles & Device Management section in your Settings app and trust the Unc0ver profile.

Unc0ver Download

Then, open the app and press on the big Jailbreak button. Your device will reboot. After that, you need to enter the app and press on jailbreak again. If you have done everything correctly you will have a jailbroken device with Cydia already installed. If you want a more detailed guide on how to jailbreak check out this IOS 12 Jailbreak guide.

How To Install Tweaks

Now coming to the just mentioned app Cydia. If you have done everything correctly, the Cydia is installed onto your iPhone. Cydia is the app that installs and manages all of your tweaks. Cydia stores all of your tweaks. This means you won’t have to reinstall any tweak when your device returns to an un-jailbroken state, after your device restarts for example.

You can donwload tweaks via sources that you install onto Cydia. We suggest you batch install a lot of Cydia sources from this site. Once you have installed of these sources you can download tweaks under the “search” tab. Some tweaks will need other sources, but most sites will tell you what sources tweaks need.


The best way to find good tweaks is by searching for them on the internet. We will also have our 5 favorite tweaks later on in this guide. Once you have found the tweak you want, tap on install. Then your device will probably respring. This is like a restart but only affects the visual parts of IOS so your device will stay Jailbroken. You can control most tweaks via a tab in your setups app.

Our 3 Favourite Tweaks



The first tweak we are going to cover might be the most important one. Flame is a tweak that helps you install and manage tweaks/sources in Cydia. So it basically helps you manage and use Cydia. Flame enable you to do things like batch installing sources as we mentioned earlier, is a very useful tool.

As you will be using Cydia quite a lot when jailbreaking, it is useful to have a tool that can customize it to your liking. Flame is basically the first must-have tweak for everyone.



We all hate the awful volume HUD that we have had since IOS 7. It obstructs everything on the screen which is totally unnecessary. While IOS 13 fixes this with a beautiful interactive volume HUD we aren’t quite there yet.

VideoHUD is a tweak that fixes this issue with a minimal and small volume HUD. You can control where and how big the HUD is in the settings app which is nice. There is also an option that lets you decide if the HUD should be vertical or horizontal.

Clean Home Screen

Clean Home Screen

The next tweak will apply to everyone who likes minimalism. The colored dock in combination with all of the app names and page dots can make your home screen look pretty cluttered. Well, there is a tweak called Cleen Home Screen that fixes this issue.

You can even decide what you want to hide, and what should stay. These options include page dots, app names, slide to unlock and much more. Like most tweaks, you can control all of this via the settings app. We really like this tweak as it can give your iPhone more personality.


Jailbreaking has become very safe recently and gives us Apple users a lot of customization. We really like that it is still possible even though jailbreakers are needing to put more and more work into it.

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