How To Level Up On Steam


While not really giving any advantage a high steam level can get you more respect from community. This is how you can get a high steam level in no time.


To level up you need to get all of the trading cards from a specific game. When crafted together you will lose the cards in exchange for 100xp.

You can do this 5 times for each game, giving you 500xp in total

The xp earned will then contribute to your level.

As an extra you also get emojis, which you can use in chats or your profile, profile backgrounds and badges which you can also display.

How To Get Trading Cards

You can get card drops by simply playing games you have in steam. Although I don’t recommend you are reliant on those drops, they are a nice bonus.

The other way, which is much faster, is to buy them on the steam market. This will cost you money, so decide if this is worth to you for some levels on an online platform.

Fastest Way

The best way to get levels is by looking for the cheapest cards on the market. While you can do this yourself, you can also use a tool that is called Steam Card Exchange.

The tool looks for the badges which are cheapest to buy and links you to them. Then level up the same badge 5 times, then rins and repeat with the next badge in line.

Extra XP

There are also a number of other ways to gain xp on steam. The xp these “achievements” give you can vary.

Like the heading says I recommend these as an extra and not the main way you level up your profile.

The first method is by doing community leader missions. This will give you 500xp.

Another method is by simply having a steam account for an amount of time. Let’s say you have a steam account for 2 years, this will give you 200xp.

By simply having a lot of games in your library you can also get a lot of xp. One trick to get a lot of games is to go on bundle sites like Humble Bundle and get cheap game bundles.


Once you have all of these cards you don’t want to sit there clicking craft badge for hours on end. That’s where Steam Autocraft comes in.

With one click this tool will craft all of your badges for you.

Just leave your computer on for a couple of minutes/hours, depending on how many cards you have, And when you come back you’ll have leveled up massively.


Leveling on steam is basically getting a social status. Like having a lot of followers on Instagram. We hope you have gained enough information about it.

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