FUT 19 Starter Guide | Part 2: Upgrading Your Team


This is the second part our FUT 19 starter guide. In the last part we covered everything that you need to actually get started play. In this part we will cover everything you need to know about upgrading your team.

FUT Champs

We have covered all of the other ways of earning coins in the previous article. We left out FUT Champs because it is the most difficult way to get coins.

FUT Champs, like division rivals and squad battles, rewards you once a week based on your performance. The difference though is that you need to qualify for this mode meaning that not everyone can play it. You will need to accumulate 2000 points by playing division rivals to be able to play FUT Champs.

Luckily, the rewards are based on how many wins you get and not on points compared to the community. FUT Champs is also known as weekend league since it starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. You are allowed to play a maximum of 30 games.

The rewards are much better compared to any other game mode on FUT. Even though it is more stressful for some people, because of the 30 game limit, the rewards you get are very good especially when you are just starting out.

FUT Champs rewards include coin, packs, qualification points and player picks. If you reach Silver 1 you will get 2000 points meaning you automatically qualify for the next weeks FUT Champs. The player picks, also called red picks, give you the option to get players from the current team of the week. Depending on your rank you will have the option to get 1-3 player picks and 5 if you reach the Top 100

You can find the wins needed and rewards for each rank here.

Better Players

Going hand in hand with the weekend league is upgrading your team. Since the weekend league is more difficult you will need a better team meaning different, more expensive players.

In the last part we have already covered how to get coins so we won’t do that again. Some people recommend to save up coins then sell your current team and with that money build a new team. Well, that used to work but EA has implemented a selling tax of 5% meaning you will probably lose money.

I think the best way to upgrade your team is to upgrade players one by one. This also doesn’t leave you waiting for your old team to sell meaning you can keep playing. Choose a player you don’t like and simply buy a better player for that position. Here is where having a single league team is very advantageous since you don’t need to worry about chemistry. But, even with a hybrid team, this way is the way to go for me.


Try to look at a player’s in-game stats instead of only at the rating and the stats that are on their card. If you like how a player feels but you still want to upgrade him you can look if that player has a special card. A lot of players have special cards which generally improve all of the stats meaning also the part you don’t like about the player.

Another option that is cheaper in a lot of cases is to buy a chemistry style, to then apply on a player. There are 18 chemistry styles for field players and another 5 for goalkeepers. Only one chemistry style can be applied to each player. Applying a chemistry style to a player who already has one will remove the old chemistry style. Since these are permanent it is a great way to boost specific stats of a player you would like to be improved.


SBCs or Squad Building Challenges are a good way to get rid of a lot of unusable and untradable players in your club. As a reward, you will often get packs and/or a special player. Most of these cards are also untradable meaning you can’t sell/buy them so you need to complete the SBC to get the player.

On FUT 19 there are special player SBCs, icon SBCs and upgrade SBCs. The icon and player SBC usually contain multiple parts, with each part also giving you a pack, for example, a high rated squad, the players national squad and club squad. Usually the higher rated the player the more squads you need to submit which will then make it more expensive.


Upgrade SBCs, on the other hand, usually only consist of on part, for example, trading in 11 gold players for one random 82-87 rated player. These are also the cheapest SBCs ranging from about 1k-15k coins. For people who have just started playing SBCs are not important since they don’t have the players in their club or coins to buy the players for the SBC.

You can start investing in SBCs once you have built a decent team and see a good value for the money player SBC. Upgrade SBCs aren’t worth it most of the time since nothing is guaranteed and everything is reliant on pack luck. Loan icon SBCs are also not worth it. They only cost 10k but that is a lot of coins at the start of your FUT campaign and you get nothing permanent from it.


This was our second part to the FUT 19 starter guide. You know everything that is important in FUT ranging from simply getting coins to choosing a formation and which SBCs todo. So, hope you are on the right track now to building your dream team.

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