FUT 19 Starter Guide | Part 1: Building Your First Team


You have just bought Fifa 19 and want to play Ultimate Team, but where do you start. This guide will help you to start off in FUT.

Getting Coins

The most important part of FUT is having coins, with them you can buy everything. You can gain coins in 5 different ways. There is also trading on the transfer market but that will be covered another time.l



Squad Battle Rewards – Weekly On Monday

Division Rivals Rewards – Weekly On Thursday

FUT Champions Rewards – Weekly On Thursday

These are in order from least to best rewards. All of these ways, except for gameplay, can also reward you with packs. Objectives are one of the easiest ways you can earn coins at the start of the game.

Doing the 5 starter objective stages will get you a decent start to FUT. Awarding you with coins and packs. Once you have done that, doing easy objectives that are listed on the “weekly” and “daily” tab.

After every game you will get up to around 500 coins, without coin booster, based on how many goals, fouls committed, etc. you have made. While this is not a lo it is a nice bonus early on.


Now coming to the more interesting rewards. Squad battles is a mode where you can play 4 games per day vs the A.I. The teams are ranged from squads with 50 chemistry and one star player, to very good super teams.

Depending on the difficulty and how many goals you have scored you will get points. Then every Monday you will get rewards based on your rank, points = rank. These are not very good rewards but a few thousand coins and packs which is perfect to upgrade your starter team.

Division Rivals is the best way to get good results for the average player. Like Squad battles you also get points after every game depending on your performance. You will then get your rewards on Thursday based on your rank.

The major difference between Division Rivals and Squad Battles is that you play online against other FUT players. Another difference is the quality of the rewards you get. If you end up being in rank 3 out of the 5, rank 1 being the best, you get the option between coins, tradeable packs or 2x untradable packs. At the beginning I recommend you to go for the coins as this will be crucial to building a good team.

FUT Champions, or as some call it “Weekend League”, is played from Friday to Sunday. We will cover that in the next part since you will probably not qualify for FUT Champs in your first 2 weeks of FUT.

Hybrid Or Single League

Now that we know how to get coins we need to know if we should build a hybrid, which is a multi-league team, or a simple one league team. The first time you log in to FUT you will need to choose a nation for your starter team. I recommend you to go for either English, Spanish or French since these are easy leagues to build a team around.

To answer the actual question of building a hybrid or single league team, it doesn’t really matter. If you can build a good hybrid squad then go for it. Single league teams are easier to build and upgrade though, so keep that in mind. This is because you won’t need to worry about chemistry.

If you are going for a hybrid, you should first choose a player to build your team around. I recommend you to have the Premier League or La Liga as a main league with the Serie A or League 1 as a side league. This is because the Premier League and La Liga have a lot of cheap, OP players whereas the other two don’t have as many.


If you are planning on building a single league team then choose either the Premier League or La Liga since they have a lot of cheap players.



Every year FUT has a new “meta”, meaning that some players are better than others. This FIFA, it seems like very strong and tall players are very OP. So, having a squad full of these is very beneficial.

The difference between outright good players and OP players is that the good players are very expensive. These are the players like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, etc. Op players will only cost you a fraction of the price with sometimes them being equally as good.

One thing some new FUT players get wrong is that colorful cards are much better. Well this is partly true since colorful cards, or special cards, are a upgraded version of the base card. The problem is that these are far more expensive and sometimes not worth the extra coins.

Like this gold and UCL Kimpembe. The UCL version costs around 10x as much but only has a few stats improved by +1


So, watch out for the stats of players making sure that their upgrade/special card is actually better than the original.

Some other stats to watch out for when picking players are how good their weak foot and skill rating is. This is indicated by a star rating from 1-5 with 5 being the best.

Formation & In-Game Tactics

In-Game tactics where added to FUT the first time this year making the formation you start the game with not as important anymore. The in-game tactics also give you more control over your team.

You can bind a certain formation to a play style that is controlled by your moving your d-pad left and right. In the past, this only affected how deep your players are up the field. The most common formation these days is the 4-2-3-1 so I recommend you switching to this right as the game starts using in-game tactics.

Now, you can completely customize it, from how deep and wide you want to play, to how many players you want in the box for corners and free kicks.

You can also give each position/player personal instructions, for example, stay back/join while attacking, aggressive/no pass interception and much more. This can also be bound with per play style.

For some people, this is too complex but others really use it to the max. The starter formation is only used for chemistry nowadays with most players switching to another formation from the start.


Well, this was the first part of the FUT starter guide. We have covered how to get coins, what league your players should be in and what formation you should use.

In the next part, we will cover FUT Champs, upgrading your starter team and more. We hope this guide helped you start off in FUT 19.

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