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Every gamer needs some kind of desk dedicated to gaming. So this post is for all the people looking for a good desk guide

Desk Shapes

There are many desk shapes, in my opinion too many, but there are three main shapes. 

Straight Desk

This desk is by far the most common and most people either use one or have in the past. 

It is the easiest of the 3 to make your setup look good since you can use the magic of symmetry. You can also fit your everything on this desk since there are many different lengths depending on what you need to put on your desk.

The biggest downside is that the desk takes up a large rectangular space in your room. Other desk shapes can fit in corners so they take up less space.

Corner Desk

The corner desk is literally what it sounds like. A desk that fits in the corner of your room.

A large benefit of this desk is that you can simply put in in the corner so it won’t take up a lot of space. This desk also benefits from being able to use symmetry to make your setup look good.

A negative aspect to the desk is, it can get very cramped pretty easily meaning you won’t be able to fit a lot of stuff on it. In most cases, you won’t be able to fit a mid tower case and a monitor on the desk without making it looked cramped.

L-Shaped Desk

So last but not least the L-shaped desk. The desk that takes up the most space but can be very beneficial to certain people. 

You can basically fit everything you have ever wanted on this desk. Benefiting from basically having 2 desks next to each other means you have double the space.

As an idea, you can have 2 areas, 1 for gaming the other for studying. You can also have on side dedicated to your monitors and peripherals and the other to all your consoles, accessories, etc.

Considering all of these benefits the desk still takes up a large amount of space in your room. This can be problematic for most people’s rooms. Also for beginners that don’t have 3 consoles and 2 PCs it can be difficult to fill all the space with stuff.

Desk Types

There are also a few different types of desks ranging from a plain piece of wood on 4 legs to fully automated metal desks and custom made ones. So here is a quick rundown of 3 different types. 

Basic Desk

The desk that everyone knows. The basic piece of wood or plastic screwed onto 4 legs. The bit more custom version is buying a piece of wood and 2 drawers like the alex drawers from ikea, then placing the wood onto the cupboards.

This is the cheapest and easiest option and if you plan to go the cupboard variant instead of the legs your desk can look very good. It is also the most customizable since basically every place sells these.

The problem is that cable management needs a bit more work and the desk doesn’t have special cutouts or places to put your cables and accessories.

Simple Desk

Automated Sit/Stand Desk

Like the name suggests these desks have the ability to raise and lower the desk by using a built-in motor. These desk are used frequently in office environments when employees want to work while standing. 

To begin with, this desk is very useful for people who spend a lot of time at their setup since it gives them the ability to stand. It also benefits your health wise since you don’t spend the whole day sitting down. These desks usually have built-in cable management accessories like cable raceways.

The price is pretty much the only problem. These desks can easily run you a few hundred euros if not even more. You won’t be able to have drawers as legs so you won’t have any extra storage.

Custom Built Desk

There is not much to say about this desk since you can customize it to make whatever you want.

There are endless benefits to building your own custom desk. Starting with being able to make the measurements fit exactly to your own liking.

This can make your setup amazing since you can include elements that perfectly present your peripherals, monitor/s and PCs.

Take into account that all of these benefits will cost you a pretty penny and a lot of labor. You will have to measure everything yourself and even though you can let the materials be cut this is still very expensive.

When building this kind of desk remember that if you want to change up your setup it probably won’t look good with your custom desk.


So after reading everything that was included in this desk guide. I will summarise everything so you can decide what desk is best for you.

Custom desks are a definitely a challenge but very rewarding. I recommend this desk to not only PC enthusiasts but people who also work at their setup like content creators.

Automated desks, although very nice and beneficial are very expensive which the average person won’t have. But if money is not a problem or you are very sure you will game for a long time I would definitely go for this one

I have a replaced the 4 legs with 2 drawers and I suggest you do the same. This makes cable management easier since you have more space to hide stuff and looks better in my opinion. As a little extra you also have some extra storage.

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