CS:GO Guide | A Short Beginners Guide


Being one of the most played games on steam, Counter-Strike Global Offensive definitely has some kind of charm to it. Here is a guide for every beginner out there.

I have spent around 800 hours playing this game and I am not planning to stop soon. So let me guide all of you beginners to glory.

Starting Off

If you are coming from other fps games like Call Of Duty, Counter-Strike will feel weird to begin with. The game mechanics feel very different and you won’t be able to use a scope with most weapons. The only weapons with scopes are the 2 automatic snipers, the AWP, the SG 553 and the AUG. 


What Is The Point Of The Game

The game is compromised of 2 teams of 5. The terrorists, who try to plant the bomb on one of the bomb sites. And the counter-terrorists who try to prevent this. 

The round can be won by either killing all of the enemies, letting the bomb explode after 40 seconds as terrorists or defusing the bomb as a counter-terrorist. 

Most Important Aspects

By far the most important aspect of the game is movement. Like any fps game mastering movement is one of the most important aspects to the game.

CS:GO doesn’t let you move and shoot at the same time without a huge loss in accuracy. So try and learn how to strafe in-game.

You can strafe by pressing the opposite key of where the player is moving when you want to shoot. This eliminates the “gliding” that CS:GO has when releasing a key which can give you those extra milliseconds in battle.

The most important thing is to never move while shooting.

What To Master

By far the best gun in CS:GO is the AK-47. It is very difficult to master but definitely worth it.

The hardest part is learning the AK-47’s spray pattern. I suggest you to tap or burst in online matches, which is shooting about 3 bullets and then practice spraying on an offline map. Once you master the spray you can use it in online matches.

As for grenades, the most import one is the flashbang. This grenade gives you the opportunity to blind enemies.

With a little bit of practice, you will easily be able to control a bomb site even with the worse aim.

Tips & Tricks

Practice a lot offline against bots and in community deathmatch servers. You won’t learn anything from the valve deathmatch servers so just look for community ones.

Don’t use 1 single gun. Although it is good to master one gun it is also a good idea to expand your ability to aim with different guns.

Don’t forget its a team game. Never go into a situation without a teammate, even pros would rather go in together than alone. This gives you someone who supports you.

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