The Apple Ecosystem Guide | Everything There Is To Know


With Apple being one of the most popular it is likely that you have owned one of their products. Maybe you are even reading this guide on an Apple product. Well, here is everything you need to know about the Apple ecosystem.

What Exactly Is An Eco-System

You probably know what an ecosystem in nature is. Well, it’s kind of the same in the tech industry. In both nature and tech, an ecosystem is a network of things that have things in common.

For example, if you have a laptop, phone and TV form a certain company you are part of that companies ecosystem. Basically having products from the same company makes you part of that specific ecosystem.

Apple has a pretty large ecosystem in both the number of people who are part of the ecosystem and products in the ecosystem. Apple’s products range from the very well known iPhone to the recently announced Credit Card.

You might wonder why some companies don’t have as many products. Well, this is because they have just started and aren’t as pronounced in the tech industry yet. Apple also started that way, first having only a computer, then more mobile devices and now even credit cards and personal assistants.

So, to cut things short, an ecosystem in the tech industry is a group of products all made by the same company.

Apple’s Ecosystem

Now that we know what an ecosystem is and what its pros and cons are, let’s see what products Apple has to offer. We will not cover every variant of every product since that is too in depth and this is not a review for every Apple product.

Let’s start off with the iPhone. By far the most popular Apple product. The most basic product a tech company has. For most people it is just another smart phone. With this product alone you can’t take full advantage of Apple’s ecosystem.

Coming to the MacBook. This is Apple’s laptop having 3 different models. A budget end MacBook Air model, mid end MacBook and high end MacBook Pro model. This is more for the people who have and iPhone and want/can afford an Apple laptop.

Finishing off the three most known products is the Apple watch. By far the best smartwatch on the market right now. Pairing very nicely with your iPhone and even being able to function with its own sim card, this is to recommend for people who already have an iPhone.

Apple Products

The iPad has been getting the go device for people who are always on the go. The high quality that you find on MacBooks has been transferred over to the iPad with the iPad Pro. The iPad is no longer a tablet for kids to play on but a very good alternative to a laptop.

For the people who don’t need their computing power on the go, the iMac is their go to. A lot of graphic designers or video editors like the iMac and more powerful iMac Pro. The iMac linup is for the pro end user who work on computer intense projects.

The gadget you can connect to all of the products mentioned above are the Airpods. They are very easy to use on the go with your Apple products. The Airpods are maybe even the best headphones/earbuds for on the go.

Last but not least is the Apple TV. This is Apple’s answer to smart TVs, having the advantage of being able to connect to any TV out their not limiting you to a brand like built-in smart TVs. This product has been forgotten about lately but is still very good with frequent software updates making the Apple TV even better.


Like anything in life, an ecosystem also has its pros and cons. Let’s start off with the pros, with the first one being ease of use. With this we mean that once you know how to use one product in the ecosystem you’ll probably be able to use the other products as well.

This is caused by all of the products being made by Apple, meaning a lot of similarities. Companies in general need a way for you to recognize them. The easiest way for them to do this is to make all of their products to feel very similar in the way they handle. This is mostly done through the same interface and movement throughout the software.

iCloud is a thing we can’t live without. Having all of our files, pictures, notes and much more on all of our devices makes life so much easier. No need to mail files from my laptop to my phone or vice-versa. Just put it into your iCloud folder and open it on the other device.

Another major pro is that all of your products will be easily compatible with each other. Apple is leading this part in our opinion since all of their products can connect with each other easily. Their very popular Airpods connect with your iPhone or MacBook as soon as you open the case.

Apple’s hand off feature is another thing we can’t live without. This feature allows you to work any Apple product and then lets you continue that work on another product. No need to save and open the notes, document, etc. As long as both products have the same Apple ID all of this is done automatically.

Pros & Cons


We now know what the pros of Apple’s ecosystem are, so now we’ll cover the cons. Since we own and like Apple’s products there might be some things that some people see as cons but we just accept as being there.

The major problem is you being locked into Apple’s products. Do you have a Homepod but want to listen to Spotify, well sadly that is not possible yet since Apples blocks that. It is not like companies don’t allow Apple to use their software, Apple blocks the software themselves. This is also the case with a lot of smart home devices that are compatible with Alexa and Google, but not Homekit.

Now, we are not sure if this is on Apple’s side of things or not, but the marketing of Airpods is that they are easy to connect. Well, this is totally not the case if you own an Android device. Generally, we don’t like that Apple has its ecosystem block out basically any product form other companies. Its like they have built up huge walls that no company can surpass.


This was our guide to the Apple ecosystem. We hope you have enjoyed this guide and have a better insight into the pros and cons of being part of Apple’s ecosystem. What tech ecosystem are your part of?

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