Cable Management Guide | The Full Guide To Clean Up Your Setup


So, the one topic that every gamer fears… CABLE MANAGEMENT

The one thing which can make or break your setup. You don’t want your beautiful custom pc and RGB to get ruined by terrible cable management.

With these simple tips you can take your setup to the next level.


Zip Ties – Everyone knows them and probably has them at home. Simply tie all of the cables that are hanging down together and your setup will already look cleaner.

Cable Raceway – A simple 2 piece plastic raceway to put cables in. They are mostly available in black and white so you can camouflage them in comprehension with the color of your wall.

3M Adhesive – A simple roll of 3M tape can be used to stick all kind of stuff to your desk. I suggest you stick your power bricks to the underside of your desk.

Cable Racks – If you have a lot of cables just screw the cable rack under your desk and put all the cables on there. Combine this with the 3M adhesive to make sure nothing is on the ground or hanging from under your desk.

How to

So to begin let all your cable hang down behind your desk. Then mount your power bricks and extenders/splitters under your desk with the 3M tape. 

Now coming to the cables. Depending if you want a neat and easy to adjust cable management setup you might want to put all the cables on the rack neatly. Otherwise just put all of them on the rack and make sure nothing is hanging down.

Most cable racks have bars at either side of the rack where you can route cables through. You can also use them to wrap cable through/around to make them shorter. Alternatively, you can tie longer cables together with zip ties and them lay them on the rack.

Zipt Tied Cable

When routing the cables to your PC from under your desk, try to to get the cables behind the legs of the desk and then to your PC.

Cables that run to the monitor/s put them behind the monitor stand. If you have the monitor mounted on the wall you can use a cable raceway that matches the color of your wall. If your monitor is close to your PC, you can wire the cables up along to your PC to your monitor

As for the mouse and keyboard cables you can simply route them to your monitor and then down. That’s how I did it since I didn’t want to screw a hole in my desk.

You can also opt out and do it the neat way. Which is screwing a hole in your desk right above your keyboard or extended mousepad (Having an extended mousepad makes this look far better). Then route the cables through the hole to the rack and to your PC.

Tips & Tricks

Keep the cables of things you might upgrade in the near future on top of the other cables. This will make the process of upgrading far easier.

Make sure to fasten the zip ties well enough to keep the cables bundled. But don’t over-tighten the zip ties since this will make the process of cutting the zip ties to remove the cable really annoying to deal with.

As a guideline make sure one side of a scissor always fits through the opening part of a zip tie. 

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